Seven summer drives in 7 unforgettable cars

Let’s face it, the past couple of years have been tough. Chances are you have navigated through adjustments at work and at home and you deserve a break – time away from zoom calls, emails or crabby in-person customers. The road is calling and summer is here. Have you made any plans yet?  We curated a list of seven cool cars, paired with seven summer drives and dazzling destinations to disconnect you from your screens and connect you to the driver’s seat.   


M119 Tunnel of Trees in Steven’s 1973 Porsche 914

Just north of Harbor Springs, Michigan, lies a historic stretch of road known as the Tunnel of Trees. As the name implies, this 27-mile scenic heritage route is covered by beautiful tree canopies. The scenic highway lacks a traditional centerline and is top choice for car enthusiasts and motorcyclists alike. Due to this route’s popularity, it is recommended to take the drive on a weekday. You will appreciate the excellent handling of Steve’s Porsche 914 as you row through the gears and tackle the infamous hairpin turn known as the “devil’s elbow.” For more smiles to the gallon, remove the targa top and take in the fresh Lake Michigan air.


US-1 Ocean Highway in Monterey Touring Vehicles’ 1958 Porsche 356 Outlaw

Sunny California is home to US-1, a beautiful winding two-lane coastal highway that attracts nature lovers and gearheads alike. Begin your day in Monterey and head south – take your time and enjoy the sights as there are many scenic turnouts. This 365 Outlaw is the perfect speedster for this trip. Under the bonnet you will find a mix of modern Porsche technology combined with the look of yesteryear.  Feel the ocean air and let your stress melt away as you twist around corners with confidence thanks to the Outlaws modern suspension. No trip to Big Sur would be complete without a drive across Bixby Bridge, a historic concrete span soaring 260 feet above a picturesque canyon. Don’t forget to bring a camera! 

New Mexico

Albuquerque NM, Route 66 in T. Smith’s 1973 Chevrolet Suburban 

See the USA in this massive big-block Chevrolet. The historic “Mother Road” Route 66 was one of the original highways of the U.S. Highway System – over 2400 miles spanning from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica. This route was in service from 1926 to 1985 and was replaced by the faster Interstate Highway System. The Main Street of America runs right through Albuquerque NM, where neon signs greet you as you cruise to old town. Be sure to stop by 66 Diner, a former Philips 66 service station that was converted to a 50s-style diner. Have lunch under the glow of neon light. This Chevrolet Suburban is the perfect cruiser for the mother road because it is spacious and has three rows of seats, so you have got room for the whole family. Just East of Albuquerque is a section of Route 66 that sings to you! Simply follow the speed limit and follow the signs.  


The Smokey Mountains in Tony’s 1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Hop on to 441 South and drive toward Gatlinburg – we are headed to the Smokies! The Great Smokey Mountains got its name from the native Cherokee people from the phrase Shaconage, which translates to “place of the blue smoke.” This is because of the natural haze that adorns the area. On your way to the smokies, stop by Pigeon Forge. There you will see many roadside oddities, such as a replica of the famous Titanic ocean liner. Live out your “Smokey and the Bandit” fantasy with this Pontiac Trans Am. Remove the T-tops and get ready to breathe in the pure, Smokey Mountain air. With a wide-track stance and a large firebird displayed over the massive shaker hood, you are sure to attract many fellow gearheads. Once you are parked, check out the quirky shops and take a chair lift ride up to an overlook and enjoy amazing views of the mountains. 


Kahului, HI Hana Highway in David’s 2006 Lotus Elise 

What better way to discover Hawaii than to tackle the twisties in a Lotus? This Lotus Elise is essentially a race car that is just barely street legal. Maui is home to the Hana Highway, an adventurous stretch of road known for amazing views of rainforests and waterfalls. Its 52 miles is filled with sharp curves, single-lane bridges and plenty of public beaches to stop at along the way. This Lotus is the perfect choice for a true gearhead, featuring a removable targa top to take in that ocean mist and a high-revving peppy 4-cylinder engine to tackle sharp corners. 


Chickatawbut Road in Kyle’s 1984 Jaguar XJS

Just outside of the bustling capitol of Boston lies Chickatawbut Road, a beautiful winding scenic road. While out on your drive be sure check out Owenus Park and get in touch with nature with a hike to the historic observation tower. Still up for more hiking? Continue down the road to the Blue Hills Reservation for beautiful views of both the the city and the woodlands. Kyle’s Jaguar XJS is the perfect grand tourer for this stretch, combining a comfortable spacious interior with V-12 power for the inclines. Hiking not your thing? No problem! Cruise into Boston and check out the many shops and eateries downtown. 


Key Largo to Key West in William’s Aston Martin DB9 Volante

Southern Florida is home to the Overseas Highway, an engineering marvel born from the roaring 20s to attract tourists and make fishing areas that could only be reached via boat more easily accessible by automobile.  This exotic highway suspends you over the ocean and stretches 106 miles from Key Largo to Key West. This unique trip offers many entertainment options including fine dining and glass-bottom boat excursions. Arrive in Key West and catch a seafood dinner paired with an amazing sunset.  Stand out in a sea of rental pony cars and experience the Florida Keys in hand-built open-top luxury with this Aston Marin DB9 Volante

Looking for other cool cars to rent or want to explore vehicles that are available near your local scenic routes? Head to DriveShare and search for your next dream drive. Planning a vacation? check out our DriveShare travel guide collection.

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