DriveShare Los Angeles: Travel Guide

Now that you’ve reserved your DriveShare classic, luxury or sports car rental in Los Angeles, you’ll need some top-tier destinations to truly enjoy your time behind the wheel. Fortunately for you, we’ve assembled some great places to hit the road and visit — that go beyond the normal “best restaurant” and “tourist destination” lists. Let’s get driving!

Los Angeles

Hit the PCH

If you’re in Los Angeles and you don’t spend a couple hours cruising your exotic car rental along the Pacific Coast Highway, well, you’re doing it wrong. This world-famous stretch of road practically begs for you to put the top down (you did reserve a convertible, right?) and roar up the coast. 

From downtown Los Angeles (aka DTLA) it’s about an hour’s drive to the shores of Malibu, where we suggest stopping at the area’s famous 50’s biker destination restaurant, Neptune’s Net. Pull off the side of the road, take some photos of your DriveShare car rental in front of the famous ocean-facing facade (the restaurant has been featured in films like Point Break and The Fast & The Furious) then grab some of their fried shrimp or famous clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.

As long as you’ve come this far, you might as well stretch your drive another hour and head up to Santa Barbara for an afternoon of surf, sun and at the very least, a couple tacos. Even though the Michelin guide loves La Super-Rica Taqueria (and so did Julia Child!) we’d point you to the Casa Blanca Cantina for tacos closer to the coast  – and the highway. 

Los Angeles

Mulholland Drive

It’s not just the name of a famous Hollywood movie – it’s actually a great place to get into the hills of Los Angeles and take in south-facing views of the Basin plus spot some amazing(ly expensive) architecture owned by stars like Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. 

Starting in the Hollywood Hills (don’t forget to crank up the Seger!) and heading west, Mulholland will open up amazing views around LA. Even though you could take this all the way out to Malibu, we’ll end this drive at the San Vicente Mountain Park, where you can climb a former radar tower to take in 360-degree views of the whole area. 

If you brought your hiking shoes with you, you could also hop out of the car for a quick hike through Runyon Canyon, equally notable for its views as well as being a great place to spot a celebrity working up a sweat. 

Get to the Griffith (Observatory)

One of the most famous views in America, the sightlines from the Griffith Observatory include arguably the best view of the city’s famous Hollywood sign, as well as downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. The observatory is the most famous destination in Griffith Park, which also features the Greek Theater, the Los Angeles Zoo and near-endless hiking trails.

Los Angeles
Photo: Pedro Szekely

Free to visit (though parking fills up fast), the drive itself curves through the Hollywood Hills and if you enter via Mount Hollywood Drive, you’ll cruise through the tunnel that served as the entrance to ToonTown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Movie fans will also love that the Observatory was featured in films through the years from Rebel Without A Cause to La La Land

Party in Palm Springs

The desert getaway destination of Palm Springs is a major destination for aficionados of mid-century modern architecture … and nothing looks better in front of one of those design marvels than an equally beautiful vehicle. Your DriveShare car rental is the perfect way to enjoy the drive two hours east into the Coachella Valley. 

Along the way we’d recommend a couple spots that focus two significantly different parts of history. First is the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, in Yorba Linda on the way out of LA, worth a stop just to step inside the replica Oval Office and to see the helicopter that shuttled him out of the White House for the last time. 

From there you’ll keep heading east until you see the dinosaurs. Yes, the dinosaurs. These famous 100-ton concrete replicas of a T. Rex and an Apatosaurus, and yes, these are the ones famously featured in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Just before reaching Palm Springs proper we’re going to recommend you step out of your classic car to take a ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway … only because you can’t drive your way up to the 8,500-foot-high mountain top at the end of the ten-minute ride. The views are worth it. 

Finally, once you’ve arrived in Palm Springs proper, treat yourself to a cruise along El Paseo, the city’s equivalent of Rodeo Drive. With your exotic car rental from Driveshare, this is a great place to let people take pictures of you for once. 

Have these routes inspired you to take a drive but you need a suitably classic car to cruise in? Get started at Hagerty DriveShare, then get ready to fire up the engine and hit the road.  Hungry for more travel guides? Check out our DriveShare Travel Guide Collection.


    1. Palm Springs is best traveled in the fall or winter. Unless you like mucho caliente (heat). Global warming is a fact and things are quite warm out here. The coast is beautiful year round.

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