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Now that you’ve reserved your DriveShare classic or luxury car rental, we want you to truly enjoy your time behind the wheel. For that, you’ll need some top-tier destinations on your itinerary so you can check out some of the best things to see from behind the wheel around Miami. 

Miami Travel Guide Beetle

Miami is a great driving city, with ocean views, tropical climes, an amazing skyline and some of the country’s greatest bridges to cruise over and across. Whether you’re a local resident or a first-time visitor taking a trip to the Magic City, we think we’ll be able to find you some new routes throughout Southern Florida for a great drive in your DriveShare ride

To help you enjoy the drive, we’ve assembled some great cruising destinations beyond the city limits for you to get behind the wheel and find some off-the-beaten-path Miami attractions. Let’s hit the road! 

The must-cruise: Ocean Drive

If you rented a classic or luxury sports car and didn’t drive it through South Beach, did you even visit Miami? The whole stretch of Ocean Drive is iconic: The art-deco hotels, the pastels and palm trees, the storefront cafes and sprawling beaches (and the swimsuit-clad sun worshippers on them). 

DriveShare Miami Travel Guide
Photo: Chensiyuan

Ocean Drive is a classic must-visit cruise area, and since everyone wants to be there your drive will be slow but steady – which is fine since you’ll be looking great and turning heads in your Driveshare. If you want to not just drive a great car but check some other ones out too, the street closes during the city’s annual Art Deco Weekend for a legendary car show. 

Keep in mind: Miami does restrict traffic on Ocean Drive at other times as well (largely during holidays) so be aware that while you might still be turning heads with your DriveShare ride, it’ll be while parked elsewhere.

A1A (Beachfront Avenue) 

The stretch of road made famous (or at least famous-er) by Vanilla Ice, A1A stretches all the way from Key West up to nearly the Florida-Georgia Line (er, border…how many musical references can we fit in here?). Miami Beach’s stretch of A1A is also known as Collins Avenue, which more or less picks up where Ocean Drive leaves off. 

Miami Travel Guide Daytona Beach
Photo: Dan Petreikis

Drive A1A far enough north from Miami and you’ll make it to another place well known for car culture: Daytona Beach. Looking to see some even more exotic transportation? Take the A1A to the Space Coast to observe one of their semi-regular rocket launches. 

See the skyline: Rickenbacker Causeway

It’s not a long drive, but it does give you some of the best views of Miami – and some of the tallest you’ll get from the seat of a car. The Rickenbacker Causeway connects Miami to Virginia Key and Key Biscayne, and at just 5.4 miles you could easily bike or even make it a day hike. In a car, it’s a quick trip but you’ll be glad you took it. 

Miami Travel Guide Rickenbacker Causeway
Photo: Averette

Schedule a round of golf on Key Biscayne or plan a day hike down to the Cape Florida Lighthouse – then on the drive back you’ll rise up on the highest bridge in the city for some incredible Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay views (so drive slowly and let your passenger take as many pictures as they can). 

You can also get a similar view from the nearby Julia Tuttle Causeway, plus you can stop for a photo opp at the iconic “Welcome to Miami Beach” sign beside the road. Looking for an even taller view of the city, even if you have to leave your car to do it? Hand the keys to the valet at the EAST Hotel in nearby Brickell, and take the elevator to the 40th floor for a drink at the rooftop cocktail bar Sugar, which will reward you with 360 degree views of the city. 

Wander the Wynwood Art District

This is traditionally a pedestrian type of experience, so be aware that there will be plenty of people out on foot, but from a slow-moving DriveShare ride it’s still a great way to spend an afternoon or evening (especially if you pick one with air conditioning). The Wynwood Art District is an incredible collection of outdoor graffiti and street art, all visible for free in huge murals on the sides of warehouses and industrial buildings in Wynwood, a short drive north of downtown Miami. 

Miami Travel Guide Street Art
Photo: Daniel Di Palma

If you’re looking to get away from the clubs and nightlife and into a part of town that’s more interested in art galleries, cafes, breweries and boutique shopping, Wynwood is the place. You’ll be surrounded by art you can’t experience anywhere else, and you can follow it up with an amazing selection of dining destinations including restaurants for sushi, Thai, ramen, poke or NY-style pizza … followed by something sweet at the city’s legendary donut shop, The Salty.  

Take the “Overseas” to the Florida Keys

Now that we’ve seen the city, we need to get you out of town and onto some open roads. And what’s more open than the Overseas Highway, a 113-mile drive with 42 bridges. It’s one of the world’s most scenic stretches of pavement and it takes drivers all the way to Key West. 

Miami Travel Guide
Photo: David Broad

Along the way you’ll see plenty of palm and mangrove trees, beautiful beaches and more deep blue ocean water than you’ve ever seen along a drive. Time the drive just right and you’ll get to take in some amazing sunrise or sunset views, plus you’ll be able to tell your friends you drove the same route as James Bond in License to Kill, Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies and the 2 Fast 2 Furious family. Those movies filmed on the famous Seven-Mile Bridge connecting islands like Marathon and Islamorada to the mainland. 

Once you’ve reached the end of the road (where you can get a photo at the southernmost point in the continental USA) and start to head back home, make a detour for a relaxing Rum Runner at the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar on Islamorada,—it’s where the drink was invented. 

Did these routes inspire you to take a drive but you need a suitably classic car to cruise in? Get started at Hagerty DriveShare, then get ready to fire up the engine and hit the road. Like this travel guide and hungry for more? We got you! Check out our Travel Guide Collection with our top five dream destinations.

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