Five vintage Porsches you need to experience

Nothing beats the driving experience of a classic Porsche. Whether you prefer the air-cooled era’s vintage looks or the bold styling and modern performance of the liquid-cooled generation, Porsche has a sports car for everyone. Which would you choose? Get behind the wheel and cruise through five of DriveShare’s most popular Porsches.

1965 Porsche 356c

Porsche 356
Photo by: Pat C., DriveShare member

Here is your chance to experience the fine lines and robust handling of the “Bathtub Porsche.” The 356 marked the first production car for Porsche. It was available in three different body styles: coupe, cabriolet, and speedster. Production spanned from 1948-1965. The 356’s international success in racing solidified Porsche as a true contender in the sports car market and soon paved the way to the iconic Porsche 911.

1973 Porsche 911 Targa 

Porsche 911
Photo by: Rob n., DriveShare member

Discover the final iteration of the most successful Porsche of all time. Like the earlier 365, the 911 was a racecar tamed for the street. The 911 Targa is a feat of German engineering. Boasting the best in contemporary automotive design, the Targa stands as the most versatile 911 of the lineup. Turn the key and listen to that signature air-cooled Boxster sound. Anyone lucky enough to drive a Porsche 911 will agree that the air-cooled wail, high-revs, superior handling and out-of-the-box horsepower can’t be experienced with any other marque.

1975 Porsche 914/4

Porsche 914
Photo by: Aaron G., DriveShare member

The 914 was a radical departure for Porsche. It was a collaborative project with Volkswagen born out of the need for an entry-level sports car. The 914 featured sleek pop-up headlights, a removable Targa roof panel, and was initially available with either a VW 1.7-liter flat-four from VW or a Porsche 2.0 flat-six. Today the 914 remains an inexpensive means to get into the vintage Porsche community. The 914 got a lot of grief from the Porsche purists upon its release, but today it is finally getting its time in the sun. (With the roof panel removed, of course!)

1988 Porsche 924  

Porsche 924S
Photo by: Kevin K., DriveShare member

Like the 914, the 924 that it succeeded came with more sweeping departures from tradition. The 924 was yet another joint venture with Volkswagen and Audi handled final production. This was the first Porsche to have a front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout. Air cooling was eliminated in favor of liquid cooling. With the world just coming from a global oil crisis, aerodynamics was key to the 924’s design. The automotive press praised the 924’s superior handling, exotic looks, and fuel efficiency, and it quickly became one of Porsche’s best sellers.

1999 Porsche Boxster

Photo by: Jason B., DriveShare member

The Porsche 986 Boxster is one of the most important models of the Stuttgart fleet. It was developed as a low-cost price leader to combat poor sales in the late 1980s and early ‘90s. Design for the first 986 generation Boxster shared parts and was co-developed with the new liquid-cooled 996 911. This move drastically streamlined production costs for the company and effectively saved them from bankruptcy. If you seek mid-engine fun and a robust chassis, Boxster is your calling card! Today the Boxster is the inexpensive gateway to Porsche ownership. Rent one for a weekend, and you will be budgeting to own one by Sunday.

There’s more where these five popular Porsches came from. Head to DriveShare to experience one of these quintessential sports cars near you.


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