Treat yourself this holiday season with allll the car stuff

The holiday season is upon us and, while it’s only fitting that you are taking time to find thoughtful gifts for your cherished friends and loved ones, don’t forget, there’s no time like the present to treat yourself, too. And by listing your cool car on DriveShare, your side hustle gives you even more reason to shower yourself with gifts. (Hey, you’ve earned it!)

After another long year, we all deserve a small token – or a whole lotta luxury. Check out this curated collection of gift ideas for automotive enthusiasts like you.

15 Gift ideas for car lovers – and all the places they can take you

Holiday gift ideas for car lovers: Driving experience

Own the moment

Even if you already own your dream car, there’s always another out there waiting to be discovered on DriveShare. Every vehicle provides a different driving experience, like taking on tight twisties in a Porsche 911, cruising the city in a luxurious classic Cadillac, taking the scenic route in a Ford Bronco, throttling out in a roaring muscle car, or feeling the raw and sudden torque of a Tesla. Own the moment and get behind the wheel of your next dream car, because life is too short to drive boring cars.

Drive in class and comfort

Driving gloves are a stylish accessory that help with steering wheel grip and ease hand fatigue on those long road trips. A good pair of lined driving gloves can also keep the blood flowing to the extremities on cold days. Riparo’s genuine leather driving gloves are our personal favorite for their full-finger design, comfortable soft and supple leather, knuckle holes that allow for movement and ventilation, and the easy snap closure wrist strap. They are available in a variety of colors, priced between $49.97 and $59.97 on Amazon.

Travel ideas on the go

National Geographic showcases the best travel experiences in every state in the book, 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do. Each entry provides detailed travel information as well as fascinating facts and must-see sights backed by rich illustrations. Fuel your wanderlust and ensure the best vacation possible

If you don’t want to pack a physical book for your travel adventures, DriveShare provides an ever-growing list of free online travel guides for popular vacation destinations right here

A jumpstart that fits in your pocket

Every car guy and gal dreads getting stranded on the way to their favorite car show with a dead battery and no help in sight. Antigravity came up with the ultimate solution, and now anyone who has Antigravity’s portable micro jump starter in their back pocket can get their car battery started in a matter of seconds. Click here to find out more about Antigravity’s five Micro-Start jump starter options and don’t forget: All Hagerty Drivers Club members get 10% off Antigravity products.  

Car care for car lovers

Holiday gift idea for car lovers: Car detailing products

Protect your tires

People who love their cars love to baby them, even while they are parked for long periods of time. That’s where Race Ramps’ FlatStoppers come in handy. These ramps are the best protection from flat-spot tire damage for all vehicles including classic cars, sports cars and campers. FlatStoppers have a precisely contoured cradle that eliminates the risk of flat spots. They also act as a barrier between the tires and the ground, therefore reducing tire damage caused by temperature fluctuations. 

Stay charged

A good battery charger is a must for any garage, and we recommend more than one for multi-vehicle households. CTEK creates smart battery chargers that constantly read and communicate with the car’s battery. This means it only charges to the battery’s direct needs, therefore avoiding the possibility of an incorrect charge. Long live your battery’s life. CTEK has on-board, powersport and portable vehicle options – find out which is best for you.  

A sucker for cleanliness 

Metrovac is our first choice when it comes to automotive vacuums. Metrovac’s VAC ‘n BLO models vacuum embedded dirt and sand from carpeting with incredible suction power. It’ll also clear water from inaccessible areas, blast dust from A/C vents, blow away leaves from the garage and inflate rafts or air mattresses. Get blown away by Metrovac’s wide array of quality products.

Detail like the pros

Treat your ride and make it shine with this detailing kit from California Car Cover Co. The kit includes the products needed to keep that brilliant luster going between deep clean sessions, including their signature wood handle Original California Car Duster. The kit also includes a three-pack of Quick Shine Premium Microfiber Towels and a two-pack of Tire & Trim Applicators to use with the following three 16-oz. bottles:  Quick Shine Instant Detailer for reviving that just-waxed look, Tire & Trim Dressing to restore vitality while protecting your dash and tires from cracking and drying, and Clean & Clear Glass to create a streak-free shine on windows and mirrors. Click here to see this unbeatable bundle

Bonus gift idea: To protect your fresh-detailed car, California Car Covers also offers custom-fit car and truck covers for indoor and outdoor use. All Hagerty Drivers Club members get 10% off California Car Cover products.  

Priceless peace of mind

Knowing the location of your vehicles is one of the most important steps to vehicle recovery and personal safety. TrackMateGPS has developed the best vehicle tracking devices available. Most importantly, it allows you to locate your vehicle instantly on a map. It also offers a wide selection of user-friendly reports, including total miles traveled, maximum and average speeds, hours of operation, and idling duration. The TrackMateGPS provides speed alerts in real time when your vehicle exceeds a pre-determined speed that you set. Learn more.

Tools that rule

Whether you are a tinkerer, an aspiring mechanic or a well-versed gearhead, there are certain tools that a garage can never have enough of.  Craftsman’s 268-piece mechanic’s tool set is a good place to start, but there are other standard and professional mechanic tool set options and various price ranges to choose from. Click here to explore.

Give yourself a hand

It’s the tool that fits like a glove. Mechanix is the leader in high-performance hand protection. Everyone who spends a lot of time in the garage should have multiple pairs on hand. Click here to get the superior fit, feel and hand function that you need from the protection of work gloves.

Automotive wear

Holiday gift idea for car lovers: Automotive wear
Photo: The Shop by Hagerty

Car-themed swag is the ultimate gift idea. Blipshift’s automotive apparel designs are created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. It’s the automotive apparel that understands you. Each shirt is available for only a few days before new designs are released to take their place, which makes each one a collector’s item. At only $16 per shirt, you can collect all your favorites. View what is in stock now and join their email list so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to personalize your lifestyle wardrobe. 

Life is too short to wear boring socks. Heel Tread takes sock design to the next level with inspiration from the world’s most renowned automotive icons. Now you can take your automotive passion on foot wherever you go. As a bonus, all Hagerty Drivers Club members save 10% off Heel Tread items.

Carpe Viam offers automotive wear for people who still play with cars. You’ll find shirts for shifters, Stuttgart stuff and vintage magazine designs. Teach your young car lover how to seize the road at an early age with Carpe Viam’s award-winning books, including The Little Red Racing CarThe Greatest Race, and The Small Silver SpeedsterHagerty Drivers Club members save 15% on items from Carpe Viam

For when there’s no more room in the garage

Holiday gift idea for car lovers: Diecast cars

Diecast cars are the perfect alternative gift idea for the car collector with limited garage space. With several popular brands manufacturing different size scales and a wide variety of vehicle niches, the options are endless. Jada Toys specializes in 1/24 scale diecast muscle cars and movie cars, but also makes an attractive line of classic vehicles. Maisto offers hundreds of different models from 1920s Ford Model As to modern pickup truck, SUV and sports car models. M2 Machines makes high-quality, attractively detailed models that mainly focus on classic muscle cars. Or, if you love Ferraris and other European supercars then Bburago is the brand for you! Click here to fulfill your diecast dreams.

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