Five favorite classic car rentals for the holidays

Every year Santa Claus embarks on a global cannon-ball run, delivering presents to the good boys and girls. But sometimes riding in the same ol’ sleigh for years on end gets a bit dull. That’s where DriveShare comes in. Hagerty DriveShare has a cool car to amp up any occasion, including holiday travels. Santa helped curate the following list of DriveShare’s top five classic cars for rent to give the gift giving season some extra flair. Which would you choose?

1959 Chevrolet Biscayne

Santa Car 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne

This lean, mean green machine is the first of Santa’s favorites. With a daily rental rate of just $125, this bow tie is a great bargain! Santa is a true hot rodder at heart, and this Biscayne has a fun pairing of a 283 cubic-inch fuel-injected V-8 mated to a three-speed manual gearbox. Santa appreciates how the old-school Cragar SS wheels compliment the car.

1937 Packard Super Eight

Santa Car 1937 Packard

With a long drive ahead of him, Santa appreciates a smooth ride. Our 1937 Packard Limousine offers just that and more! The inline eight-cylinder engine delivers decent power while being quiet enough to ensure kids stay asleep. Santa prefers right-hand drive for when traffic switches sides in other countries.

1980 Ford Pinto

Santa Car 1980 Ford Pinto

When Santa is looking to save some money at the pump, he turns to our Ford Pinto cruising wagon. This groovy carefree car can cram a ton of presents in a small package. The Pinto is the perfect pint-sized car for deliveries in the city.  

1980 AMC Eagle

Santa car 1980 AMC Eagle

As you know, the roads of the world are not all clear and smooth. When the road gets rough, Santa turns to the very first cross-over SUV, the venerable AMC Eagle. Santa reports that the Eagle handles anything the earth throws at it. Thanks to the Eagle’s legendary pairing of four-wheel-drive and the 4.2L inline-six engine, the good kids that live in remote areas get gifts too!

1991 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Santa Car

To finish out his evening, Mr. Claus likes to treat himself. What better way to do that than a drive in the greatest sports car ever made? Santa is a true gearhead at heart; he proudly boasts that he has loved the 911 since its introduction in 1964. Santa reports that this 911 cabriolet has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and excellent handling. He also says Guards Red is his favorite color. When asked if he prefers air-cooled Porsche engines over liquid, Santa proclaimed that fueling that passionate debate will earn us a lump of coal this Christmas.

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Santa Car Scout 800A

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