New Years resolutions for you

New Years Resolutions MGB
Photo by Sam B., DriveShare

Make 2022 your year by disconnecting from your screens and connecting yourself to the road. Cruising scenic roads with nothing but the sound of the wind whipping into the cab as your soundtrack can clear the mind. Resolve to take time out to drive your dream car and experience life behind the wheel. Own each moment in 2022 with these five tips.  

Resolve to be more adventurous  

New Years Resolutions Jeep CJ-7
Photo by Dennis R., DriveShare

Life is entirely too short to spend our days milling around the house. 2022 is our time to step outside and embark on an adventure. We think a Jeep is just what the doctor ordered in addition to the fresh air intake and vitamin D. Nothing clears the mind quite like a Jeep with the top down. If Jeeps are not your Thing, you could try beach cruising instead. 

Spend more time with family and friends 

New Years Resolutions VW Vanagon
Photo by Dieter S., DriveShare

We are in a remote worker phenomenon. Why not take advantage of that flexibility and make plans to spend more time with family and friends? Eclectic cars are the most enjoyable with good company. You could make plans to sightsee with friends aboard “Grandma Keith,” a 1986 Mercury wagon. Or take the whole family out for a memorable meal in a Volkswagen Vanagon. With DriveShare, the possibilities are endless! 

Try something new  

New Years Resolutions Fisker Karma
Photo by AZ Exotic Cars, DriveShare

This year resolute to experience an entirely different car. If you are tired of driving the mundane, maybe try your hand at a sports car. With the world slowly transitioning to EV’s, why not experience the best of both worlds? The Fisker Karma boasts the instant acceleration of an EV with the convenience of a hybrid powertrain; this will save you the panic of hunting for a charging station. Just fill and take in the thrill!   

Resolve to make more “me” time  

New Years Resolutions Miata
Photo by Heather W., DriveShare

When was the last time you embarked on a drive just for the sake of driving? Cars are an excellent means of literally escaping the stresses of work and home life. Revaluate yours with a roadster. These cars pack a ton of fun in a small package. Try a modern Miata for size or go traditional with a British roadster. Resolve to take a scenic drive to catharsis, and you will want to promote yourself from renter to owner!   

Get back to basics

New Years Resolutions Chevrolet Truck
Photo by Gabriel S., DriveShare

Sometimes appreciating the technology of today requires experiencing everyday tools of the past. Today’s trucks have everything from Wi-Fi hot spots, to air-conditioned seats, and a touch screen for a radio. Do you honestly need all of that to commute to work and tow a boat twice a year? Resolute to take a step back to when trucks were workhorses rather than entertainment centers. Take in the hum of the trust in-line six, master the manual gearbox, and cruise the countryside of simpler times. 

Modern cars are safer, burn fuel cleaner, and in most cases, more reliable. So why are enthusiasts so passionate about classic cars? Cruise here to find out why.   


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