New Years resolutions for your car

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The key to true automotive Zen is knowing your car is up to snuff. With winter here, now is the best time to get your car sorted out for the driving season. Resolve to make 2022 your car’s year for driving excellence! Here is how:  

Resolution one: Maintain your car meticulously 

New Years Resolutions

Get a fresh start to 2022 and gain peace of mind with a full fluid service on your car. Safely lift your vehicle and change the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. The service is simple and rewarding; it will ensure a trouble-free driving season. While under the hood, it is good practice to check the condition and-or replace the engine air filter, fuel filter, battery, and accessory belts. 

Resolution two: Lose weight 

New Years Resolutions
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Trim your vehicle’s extra pounds without fad dieting! Just clean out and de-clutter the interior of your car. First, you will want to remove the spare parts that have taken up residence in the trunk. Take an air gun (or canned air) and spray the dust and dirt out of all the nooks and crannies of your seats, dash, center console, and carpet. From there, you can vacuum the interior.  

Are you dealing with funky odors? The answer is sitting in your pantry! Spread baking soda liberally on your car’s carpet and let it sit for a day. Baking soda will absorb the odor of mold, mildew, and more. Once that is done, vacuum up the interior and spot clean any stains on the carpet. Set up a fan to accelerate drying, and voila! You have a fresh and clean interior,. Maintain the freshness and discourage mouse residents by spreading dryer sheets under the seats and in the trunk.. 

Resolution three: Make your car shine like new 

New Years Resolutions Ferrari
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With this resolution, our audience in the colder climates may have to wait until spring or a warm front.  First, wash the entire exterior of the car and be sure to hit all the hard-to-reach areas like your door jams, wheel wells, and rocker panels. Once dried, you could take the straightforward way out and hand buff the entire vehicle with cleaner wax. Why cleaner wax? It is a wax and rubbing compound combination. As you buff the wax into the paint, you will also remove fine scratches and impurities. This route is safer for beginners as you are less likely to burn the paint. If you are proficient with a buffing wheel, machine buff the car with rubbing compound, then seal the finish with a nice coat of carnauba wax. 

Resolution four: Inspect those wheels and tires 

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Tires are where the rubber meets the road. To make 2022 your car’s year for no roadside heartbreak, inspect the tread depth with a tire gauge and look for irregular wear patterns. When an alignment is out of whack; uneven tire wear is a reliable way to gauge whether a trip to an alignment shop is in your future. Next, check the sidewalls for cracks and the tire manufacture date code. On tires manufactured after 2000, the date code is on the last four digits on the sidewall. The first two digits are the week of manufacture, and the last two digits are the year. When are tires too old? The rule of thumb is six years from the date of manufacturing. 

Resolution five: Share the car love  

Photo by: Sabrina H., Hagerty

Now that your car is ready for the driving season, why not consider listing it on DriveShare? You have control over how your vehicle is used in a rental and who rents it. All while making money on the side, what will you use your extra money for? Upgrades for your classic? Or perhaps another fun car? The possibilities are endless! 

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