Drive, share, car love: How to keep the love for classic and collector cars alive

It’s common for classic car owners to feel a certain responsibility toward preserving and maintaining a slice of automotive history. It brings about a sense of pride that grows when experiences and knowledge gained can be shared with others, especially when you catch a glimpse of that “spark” in their eye ­­– passion ignited. Today, sharing your car with others serves that higher purpose: to keep the car love alive.

The love of cars isn’t only about getting from point “A” to point “B,” and it goes further than automotive technology, mechanical engineering and design. They’re also a memorable point of our pastime. Everyone has a fond memory involving a certain vehicle, like sitting in the rear-facing history seat in the back of the family’s station wagon or learning to drive in that old stick shift farm truck. 

There’s a certain aura around the classic car experience. Maybe it’s the sweet smell of old leather, the unique feel of the steering wheel, or the analog gauges or the harmonic engine notes combined with the old school mechanics hard at work. Driving (or riding in) a classic car can be a therapeutic and humbling experience. Freedom at its finest. Focusing on the road and the vehicle’s controls, feeling all the feels and hearing all the sounds allows your mind to escape day-to-day worries. A road trip is the ultimate way to get “me time” or explore new locations. It’s a wholesome approach to bonding with family and friends, too. Ice cream, anyone?

Share the car love

When we drive, we don’t always embark upon the journey to reach a destination, but instead, the journey is the destination. DriveShare makes special cars available for everyone to experience, whether they don’t have the means to own one, or perhaps no one has fanned the flame and encouraged what could become a lifelong passion. For example, if someone rents a vintage car for their wedding simply because they think it’s exceptional, they will never forget that experience and they will always love that car.

1955 Rolls-Royce vintage car rental

I cannot put into words how perfect Lee’s ’55 Rolls-Royce was for our engagement shoot! Just a rare beauty. This vehicle really made it magical for us.” – Carissa W., DriveShare renter

Sharing the classic car experience helps to fuel the future of car culture so automotive history and the special feelings that come with the experience will not be forgotten. 

Ford Thunderbird classic car rental

“Will’s Thunderbird was a dream to drive! I was instructed on all the ins and outs of the vehicle before I drove, which helped a lot as these vehicles do not drive like modern cars. The car is original and well maintained, and the experience was unforgettable! So many memories and picturesque moments.” – Hizal C., DriveShare renter

“There is nothing inevitable about the end of driving as we know it. We can preserve this joy for generations to come, but we need to be knowledgeable, we need to be passionate, and we need to get involved.” – Hagerty

Read more about what it’s like to drive classic and vintage cars in this article. How will you pass the keys to the next generation?


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