Five magnificent Mustangs you must experience

On the 17th of April 1964, an entirely new breed of pony was unveiled to the public and captured the hearts of car lovers everywhere. Dubbed the Mustang, this vehicle lived up to its namesake as Ford’s wild horse and perfectly captured the aggressive lines of the fighter planes that came before it. Join us on a cruise through our favorite Ford Mustangs that you can drive! 

1965 Coupe
Photo by Hunter J., DriveShare member

1965 Ford Mustang

The official unveiling of the Ford Mustang took place at the World’s Fair in New York City, an unprecedented feat that captured the excitement of the whole country. Outfitted with Tiffany award-winning styling, seating for four, and a base price of just $2,320.00, the Mustang was an overnight sales success. The first Mustangs were available in both coupes and convertibles as “early” 1965 models, and the fastback joined the pack later that model year.

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof
Photo by Mike B., DriveShare member

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

With GM’s introduction of the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird in 1967, the pony car wars were heating up. In response, Ford created a sleek new Sportsroof dubbed the Mach-1, and this pony was all about performance. In 1968, racing legends Mickey Thompson and Danny Ongais set many speed and endurance records with the Mach-1 at the famed salt flats of Bonneville.  Ford released a road-going Mach-1 for the masses in 1969. This street fighter looked as good as it could perform, with distinct fastback styling, an available shaker hood and an all-star lineup of V-8 engine offerings.

1983 Ford Mustang Foxbody Convertible
Photo by Melanie R., DriveShare member

1983 Ford Mustang Convertible

Stop, collaborate, and listen! Die-hard Mustang enthusiasts refer to this car as a “four-eye, five-o Foxbody.” The 1983 model marked the popular return of the convertible body style to the Mustang stable, an option absent since the 1973 model year. The fox Mustang is a favorite among enthusiasts as it brought back excitement to the Mustang name. Mustang’s third iteration enjoyed a long production run of 14 years and is an inexpensive gateway into the collector car hobby. Here is your chance to experience the pinnacle of ‘80s pony power – Rent this and roll in a 5.0!

1996 SN95 Ford  Mystic SVT Cobra
Photo by Diet S., DriveShare member

1996 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

1996 signaled evolution for Mustang, as the famous five-liter V-8 was retired and the modular V-8 took its place. Change is good! Especially if you opted for the Cobra built by Ford’s special vehicle team. All Cobras boasted a hand-built V-8 engine from Ford’s Romeo plant that pumped out 305 horsepower. This particular example is known by enthusiasts as the “Mystic Cobra” for its unique color-changing paint job. Usually reversed for custom cars, this was the first time such paintwork ever graced a production car. 

2013 Shelby GT 500
Photo by Phil E., DriveShare member

2013 Mustang Shelby GT500

Experience the final car Carrol Shelby co-developed before his tragic passing. This masterpiece of a Mustang held the record for most horsepower offered out of the big three. Leading the way with 662 horsepower. Armed with a supercharger, aluminum V-8, and a six-speed manual gearbox with minimal driving aides, this swan song Shelby demands an experienced pilot. 

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