Celebrate Mother’s Day the best way – with a cool car rental

Make Mother’s Day unforgettable with a sweet ride from DriveShare. Use code MOM2022 at checkout to save 15%*.

If it’s spring, that means Mother’s Day 2022 will be here soon, with all the brunch buffets and floral arrangements that traditionally come with it. Celebrating a mom this May is a privilege, so why not give your special person something equally special and unique to enjoy on her special day? 

Ditch the usual gifts for mom like the box of candy or the last-minute gift card purchase. We can almost guarantee that no one has ever gifted her something as special as this: A drive or ride in the car of her dreams, like a quick cruise in a classic muscle car or a lap around town in a high-powered Italian supercar. Renting a rare ride like one of these from DriveShare will ensure mom gets major props.

A cool car will amp up any Mother’s Day adventure. Whether you’re pulling up to the country club for brunch, arriving in style to special dinner reservations or just going for a drive through the country on a sunny springtime afternoon, DriveShare has just the vehicle you need to make it a day she’ll never forget. If you’re wondering what to get mom for Mother’s day this year, here’s some inspiration:

Make an entrance with a massive limousine: Don’t roll up to the parking lot in the daily driver or grocery getter this year. Get mom dressed to the nines, step into your finest duds and reserve this 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood limo. At about 20 feet long, they’ll definitely see you coming as you pull up to the front door. And if mom wants to bring some friends along, you’ll have plenty of room.

Return to the rock ‘n’ roll era for an afternoon: Fuzzy dice for the rear view? Check. Oldies station on the radio? Check. Outfits to match? Check. With all that at the ready, prepare for a spin in a classic like this ‘57 Chevy convertible that’ll take all of you back to the era of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. This DriveShare car can be reserved for a chauffeured ride, meaning you can all enjoy the view (and having all eyes on you when you drive by).

Give Mom a few miles (or more) in a Muscle Car: Whether she loves the pony cars, adores the Bow Ties or is a die-hard Mopar Mom, DriveShare has the muscle car she’s been dying to drive. Turn a standard Sunday drive into one to remember with an afternoon in a 1969 Mach 1 Ford Mustang, a droptop ‘67 Chevy Camaro with a brand-new small block V8, or this Hemi-powered 1971 Dodge Challenger with a 440 under the hood and a 6-pack carb.

Take the annual Mother’s Day picnic via 4-wheel-drive: Grab the picnic basket and buckle up—Mom can take this year’s outdoor adventure to even more scenic, secluded destinations with a 4×4 rental from DriveShare. (Okay … you shouldn’t actually take your DriveShare rental offroad, but these rides are plenty fun on blacktop too.) From this open-air 1967 Chevy Bronco with three on the tree to this 1972 Chevy Blazer with a lowered suspension and two 12” subwoofers in the back, any DriveShare 4×4 you choose will get you to your destination in rugged style.

No matter what kind of car is mom’s favorite, DriveShare has a variety of options that will make this Mother’s Day memorable. And as gifts go, these memories will last a lot longer than another bouquet of flowers or box of chocolate. And now you can save 15%* off any DriveShare rental with code MOM2022, expires May 31, 2022.

*Code valid for one-time use and cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer expires 05/31/2022. DriveShare is currently not available for vehicles registered in NY. Renters must meet minimum driver requirements. For FAQ, user policies, and terms and conditions, visit driveshare.com. Hagerty DriveShare is a common law trademark of the Hagerty Group LLC, ©2022 The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Hagerty Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagerty, Inc.


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