Get behind the wheel with this road trip playlist

Whether you’re cruising the backroads close to home or planning a weekend road trip, we’ve got the soundtrack ready to roll.

Here at DriveShare, we know that the siren song of the highway is its own special sound but having some actual songs to go with your drive are nice to have too. That’s why we’ve built this special playlist for your great escape to your vacation destination, your coastal cruise, family getaway and everything in-between. You’ll be On the Road Again in no time.

We thought that you might like the combination of a few songs expressing a love of travel, driving cool cars and hitting the open road. Even if you’re on the Road to Nowhere, this road trip playlist will encourage you to Go Your Own Way.

If you’re firing up a special vehicle for the occasion (and the stereo is upgraded to a Bluetooth-connected version … or at least one with an AUX input) pop this onto your smartphone and hit play. Let us worry about the playlist; you just worry about making the rest of your road trip perfect:

Are you riding around in your automobile with no particular place to go? Check out our travel guide collection and plan your next adventure. 


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