Celebrating National Road Trip Day: Five epic road trips in five cool cars

National Road Trip Day MG MGBGT

The road is calling, and we must drive. On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, the summer road trip season fires up and motorists all over the fruited plain cruise the highways and byways in search of a cure to their wanderlust. How will you cure yours? Hit the road with us on a journey through our favorite drives sure to inspire #NationalRoadTripDay celebrations of your own.

Road trip to the Rockies in a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser

Answering the call on this rocky mountainous adventure is an 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser. While the scenic byway up the 14,000-foot climb to the peak is fully paved and accessible by two-wheel drive, it never hurts to be well-prepared with a 4×4! Once you reach the peak, breathtaking views of alpine lakes and rock formations serve as the perfect backdrop for family photos or a picture-perfect proposal. 

Cruise the Crystal Coast with a 1963 Volkswagen Beach Buggy

This summer, seek freedom and fun in the sun cruising through North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Pack some sunscreen and bring a towel; you’ll be combing through over 85 miles of the east coast’s best beachfront aboard this groovy dune buggy. Paying tribute to the original Meyers Manx, this faithful replica is a sand dune staple.

California dream road trip in a 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL

Your cruise begins in the beautiful city of Rolling Hills. Make your way to Malibu aboard a classic Mercedes and cruise the coast on California’s famous Highway One. Make a day out of driving to historic piers and picturesque beaches. Known by enthusiasts as the “Pagoda,” this marvelous machine will surely make for a memorable trip.

Oregon adventures with a 2017 Tesla Model S 

This electrifying journey begins in the hip town of Portland, Oregon’s largest city. Heading East on US-26, your Tesla travels will take you on a tour of natural wonder through the last leg of the historic Oregon Trail to Mt. Hood, looping back toward Portland following the mighty Columbia River. Thanks to the model’s all-electric powertrain, you can leave your gas price stresses behind as this entire trip can be tackled with a single charge! 

Pursue the Potomac to DC in a 1989 Porsche 911

Cruise to the nation’s capital in the best sports car ever made. Starting your day in Potomac Falls, Virginia, this cruise takes you across state lines and over the historic Potomac River. Make a day of checking out the national monuments and cruising through museums, many of which can be experienced free of charge.

With DriveShare, every day is National Road Trip Day. Cruise over to our Travel Guide collection for more unforgettable adventures. Amp up your road trip with great driving tunes with our ultimate road trip playlist!

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