Take a drive back in time with our favorite vintage rides

 Porsche 911 Targa
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The sun shines a little brighter when we set our phones aside and own the moment. Need a decent distraction? Avoid the daily dooms feed of social media and the news by getting behind the wheel of (or riding along in) a vintage car from DriveShare. Stow your phone in the glovebox and let yourself get lost in the details that make driving a vintage car so pleasing to the senses, from the smell of the interior to the sounds of the engine and the crackle from the radio. Cruise with us on a quick trip through some of our favorite vintage cars listed on DriveShare.

Lounge in a long roof

1973 AMC Matador wagon

Vintage ride AMC Matador
Photo by: Mariah K., DriveShare member

Before the age of the minivan and the crossovers that invaded after, the unsung hero of the American working class was the station wagon. Built by the underdog of car building, American Motor Corporation, this vintage ride is ready to make everyone on the highway green with envy. The couch-like interior of these lovely long roofs makes captaining the vessel of childhood memories a breeze.

“Brake” out of the ordinary and drive a box around Boston

1964 Land Rover Series IIA

 1964 Land Rover Series II
Photo by: Ryan O., DriveShare member

Necessity is the birthplace of innovation, and when Great Britain needed a rugged vehicle that could go anywhere, Land Rover answered the call. Enter the Series II; this stout aluminum-bodied beast is a far cry from the lux Land Rovers of today. With a speed of about 50 mph down a hill during a windstorm, you will have plenty of time to savor the scenery [and look good doing it.]

Cruise the Rhode Island coast in a Camaro

1979 Chevrolet Camaro

Vintage rides Chevrolet Camaro
Photo by: Audrain Motorsport, DriveShare member

1979 found the United States in the middle of a fuel crisis. Performance may have taken a back seat, but the true beauty of these malaise muscle cars lies in the details. Clocking in at under 20,000 miles, this Camaro captures everything we love about the 70s. Bold blue graphics and T-tops take us back to a simpler time. Back when AM radio ruled the airways, writer James Hartzell brilliantly summarized America’s favorites with the famous phrase, “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.”

Try your hand at a Triumph

1975 Triumph TR6

Vintage rides Triumph TR6
Photo by: Neil S., DriveShare member

Widely considered the last true British sports car, the TR6 roadster continues the Triumph tradition by offering a driving experience that sharpens the senses. Don your favorite driving cap and take this Triumph through the twisties. Dressed to impress with elegant Karmann coachwork, this roadster looks as good as it performs.

Join the air-cooled revolution

1966 Volkswagen Type II

Vintage rides Volkswagen Type II
Photo by: Martin M., DriveShare member

The Volkswagen Type II Transporter is much more than just a van. It represents rebellion from the establishment, rebellion from “The Man.” It is often used as a base camp on wheels to bring us closer to Mother Nature. A drive in the Transporter is both quirky and fun! The driver and front passenger seat are set over the front suspension with the air-cooled engine mounted in the rear. The ride feels utilitarian, over-sprung and industrial. Rent this van and discover a driving experience filled with peace, love, and frequent gearshifts.

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