Five fabulous Ford classics that you need to experience

Classic Ford Thunderbird

Written by Cam Estlick

It’s hard to imagine that Ford’s founding date took place 119 years ago on June 19th. In the year 1903, Henry Ford and his prospective stockholders signed the official paperwork to create the new corporation. The next day, the Ford Motor Company was officially incorporated and, as they say, the rest is history. From creating a new category with the Ford Mustang to developing new manufacturing methods in order to meet high demand, even the most staunch Chevy fan cannot deny the lasting impact of Ford on the automotive industry. 

Because of peer-to-peer car rental programs like DriveShare, car enthusiasts like you can get behind the wheel of cool classic and modern collector vehicles to experience automotive history and technology – and maybe even discover your next dream car. Strap in as we cruise through five fabulous classic Fords that are available for rent on DriveShare. (And there’s more where these came from.)  

1959 Ford Thunderbird

Introduced in the 1955 model year, Ford created the Thunderbird as a response to Chevrolet’s new sports car, the Corvette. Yep, as weird as that sounds, it’s true. The announcement of the Corvette prototype in 1953 had Ford shaking in their shoes. The company pushed the Thunderbird from idea to prototype in about a year. While the Corvette was performance-focused, Ford touted the Thunderbird as a “personal luxury car” and put a greater emphasis on comfort. When looking at Thunderbirds throughout the years, this generation with its two additional seats, dramatic body lines, and more prominent tailfins stands out against the flock. 

1964 Ford Falcon

The Falcon is a result of Ford realizing, toward the end of the 1950s, that perhaps the American people weren’t exclusively interested in massive boat-like cars. The Falcon, which came before the popular Mustang, was Ford’s response to the changing market. The debut of the Mustang followed soon after the second generation Falcon. This Ford Falcon perfectly encapsulates something that is such a huge part of Mustang culture, modification. 

1968 Ford F-100

Ah, the F-series, one of the best-selling automobiles of all time, ever. “The truck that built America” sounds like promotional marketing jargon, but it’s true. This partiucular classic Ford F-100 tries to preserve as much of the rich history as possible. Driving one of these pickups through back-country roads will easily take you out of the matrix and throw you into a physical, visceral experience that can only be achieved in an old truck. 

1969 Mustang Mach 1

We all know that the introduction of the Mustang was a massive success, so choosing a 1964 1/2  Mustang would be too easy. In 1969, riding the success of the Mustang’s release, Ford started to roll out the bells and whistles. Queue the functional (and non-functional) air scoops, hood pins, and wing and chin spoilers. These decorative options are still deeply ingrained into Mustang culture today. More importantly, Ford introduced the Mach 1 and Boss performance packages in ’69, which are graciously sprinkled throughout future Mustang generations. Nothing beats the experience of driving a muscley ’69 Mach 1.

1975 Ford Bronco

Today, the first-generation Ford Bronco lives in a unique place in the enthusiast community. It is not abnormal to see one of these vehicles traversing Moab or tearing up some trails, and it is also common to see exceptional examples successfully sell for six figures. It’s a timeless design that every classic 4×4 or Ford fan should experience. Get behind the wheel with DriveShare.

Honorable mentions  

2012 Ford Raptor

Another example of creating a category of production vehicles that didn’t exist previously, the F-150 Raptor kind of came out of nowhere. Before the Raptor, trucks typically fell into two catagories: slow and curious off-road trucks and performance-focused street trucks. The Raptor can do both of these things as well. It blasts through tough terrains at speed with its premium suspension and 400-horsepower 6.2L V-8 engine. The first-generation Raptor holds a historical significance in automotive technology. Experience it for yourself.

2013 Mustang Shelby GT500

DriveShare has the best classic car rental options out there, but there are lots of cool newer performance cars too, like this beautiful modern Mustang. Its well-rounded mean-muggin’ design, 650-plus horsepower, six-speed manual transmission and Shelby America roots earns this pony car an honorable mention.

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