Five summer activities for car lovers

Summer speeds by at an Indy Car’s pace and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while it might pass you by. It’s easy to get lost in the dog days of summer. The long hot days and cool nights can get us into a lull. Before we know it, the season is gone, and we lust all winter for its return. Don’t let this happen to you! Take point and make the most of your summer with five of our favorite activities, and some cool cars, too.

Hit the beach

1970 Ford Bronco summer activities 2022

No summer is complete without at least one beach day. Pack sunscreen, your shades, and an umbrella and don’t forget to bring a towel. Sometimes the best days are the ones where we do almost nothing at all. After cooling off with a swim, catch some rays and read your favorite car magazine. A perfect summer day spent!

Catch a movie the old-fashioned way

summer activities Drive-in  Movie

It is estimated that about 350 drive-in movie theaters remain in the United States. Take advantage of a throwback summer tradition and find a screen near you. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and blankets. Cruise in, attach the speaker to your ride, and enjoy the show! Click here to find a drive-in near you.

Step out of your routine and be a tourist in your own town

summer activities

This is a great means to get out of the house and support your own community. The perfect excuse to try that new restaurant in town and shop the stores that dot your downtown. For the ultimate splurge, book a stay at a fancy hotel and indulge in room service or a spa day. A win for you and your neighbors!

Wake up early

summer activities

To the night owls in our audience, please put down the tomatoes and hear us out. Make plans to venture out to your favorite scenic outlook, rise early in the AM and beat the commuter traffic. The journey there will be just as beautiful as the destination, and it will be just you and the road. After tackling some twisties you will notice the sky erupting in gorgeous shades of orange. Pull over and catch the sun rising through the sky.  If waking up early is not your thing, take advantage of the long summer days and make plans to catch the sunset.

Go for a drive

1980 Ford Pinto

We saved the best for last! It should come as no surprise that our favorite summer activity is seeking out a road full of sweeping corners and becoming one with the car in the driver’s seat. Stow the phone in the glove box and let yourself focus on the fun that is driving. Sometimes the best soundtrack is the car itself. You’ll know you picked the right car and the right route when the drive feels more like a movie, and you are the star! Summer is an awesome time to tackle coastal cruises, check out our latest list here.  

Want to get your cruise on in something a little different? Head to DriveShare and search for cool cars available for rent near you.


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