How to rent a Lamborghini

For many of us, the dream of having an Italian supercar in our garage is a bit out of reach. With the price of a new Lamborghini clocking in upwards of $200K and just a few thousand produced each year, not many of us will know the joys (let alone the insurance premiums!) of owning one of these incredible examples of top-tier engineering and iconic style. 

But … did you know that you could still rent one? It’s true – you don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini for an afternoon or a weekend. All you need is a verified DriveShare account. From there, dozens of different supercars (including marques like Ferrari, Maserati and McLaren) are at your beck and call. 

Whether it’s your Lambo-loving dream to drive a Gallardo, a Huracan or even a Murcielago, here’s how to get started: 

First: Become a DriveShare driver: 

Before you feel the rumble of a V12 engine or pull a scissor-wing door closed beside you, we need to get you registered as a DriveShare driver. You should start the process at least 72 hours before your desired rental date as there are some verifications that go into getting registered, but we start with a birthdate: Drivers must be 25 years of age or older to rent. 

After that, we will also verify your driving history and personal info before confirming your rental. This is for the safety of our renters and our owners; more details on eligibility can be found here. If you’re a safe driver who has been licensed for at least two years with no major or minor violations within that time frame, there should be no issues. 

That process can take a few days, so again, if it’s your first rental and you want to spend your Saturday cruising in a Lamborghini (or any other classic vehicle), you should click that “Reserve” button on Wednesday. 

Next: Find your preferred DriveShare Lamborghini to rent

Once you’re registered, there are a variety of supercars available on the DriveShare platform. Vehicles on DriveShare are available for three different kinds of experiences: a driving rental, a chauffeured rental or a simple event rental. The event rental is largely for photo shoots or other display-only uses, driving rentals get you behind the wheel and chauffeured rentals come with not just the car but also a driver as well (which is handy in case you don’t drive stick or are concerned about learning the ins and outs of a technically-tricky supercar). 

Once you’ve specified the kind of rental you want, you can start to search by your preferred make or model of vehicle, as well as details like production year, transmission type and even how much you want to spend per day. Once you’ve found the car of your (temporary) dreams, you can click “Reserve A Car” and start thinking about where you’re headed first. 

But what about insurance? 

Don’t worry: As a certified DriveShare driver, Hagerty DriveShare provides up to $1 million in liability coverage for every rental period. The owner of the vehicle is also covered by comprehensive and collision coverage based on their agreed value for the vehicle, so both drivers and owners are protected. 

One more thing: We also include roadside assistance coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What am I looking for in a Lamborghini rental?

When selecting a Lamborghini, there are a variety of models under their banner but the sleek lines and smooth curves can start to look quite similar to the untrained eye. If you just want an awesome-looking Italian supercar, any Lambo will do, but knowing a bit about the brand could help you dial in your rental. 

Believe it or not, founder Ferruccio Lamborghini originally started out in the tractor business. After finding success building industrial vehicles for post-WWII Italy, he branched out into the boiler and air-conditioning industries as well. Those companies also did well, and Lamborghini started getting interested in luxury vehicles, including the Ferrari 250GT. 

When the clutch of that Ferrari failed, Lamborghini went to Ferrari personally to discuss the matter. When Ferrari dismissed him as a simple tractor maker, Lamborghini decided to launch his own brand of supercars. The rest is history. Lamborghini released its first production car, the 350GT, in 1964 at the Geneva Auto Show. Just over 100 cars were made, so if you ever see one of these show up on DriveShare, know that you’d be renting a legendary example of Italian sportscar. 

The business grew rapidly but business and economic issues led to a variety of owners throughout the 1970s. They even filed for bankruptcy in 1978. Despite that, they still introduced a variety of popular makes including the Miura, the Espada, the Urraco and in 1974, the very first Countach. 

Lambo’s stateside story begins in 1982, when the first LP 500S Countach with a V-12 engine went on sale in the U.S. for the first time. Chrysler purchased the company in 1987 and the Countach carried them through 1990, at which point the Diablo emerged. That model lasted through 2001 and in between the company changed hands a few times in the ‘90s. Finally Lambo landed in the Audi AG roster, and since then the company has ramped up production significantly. 

Under Audi’s tutelage, Lamborghini began producing their new flagship, the Murcielago (famously used by Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight) followed by the slightly slower but far more accessible Gallardo, each of which had a production run through 2010 and 2013, respectively. Current Lambos for sale include the V10 Huracan, the V12 Aventador and the Urus, their super-popular SUV model that squeezes speeds of nearly 200MPH out of a V8 Twin Turbo engine.

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