Drive to be different: Top 5 eclectic cars of DriveShare

When was the last time you drove a truly eclectic car? An eclectic, rare or “odd” car can take many forms. It could be a vehicle that the past forgot. It might also be a vehicle that stands out in traffic, so much so that it turns heads with every cruise or strikes the question “what is that?” with every fill-up. DriveShare is home to many of these unique rides. Buckle up and enjoy the cruise through five of our favorite eclectic cars available for rent on DriveShare.

Catch a ride in an eclectic car that history forgot

1967 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

Today Intermeccanica is best known for its soulful recreations of the Porsche 356 series. History has since forgotten, but in the 1960s, the well-established performance part supplier had a stint in building eclectic cars of their very own. Originally named the Torino, the Omega flaunts fine Italian lines mixed with American muscle. Under its nose, you’ll find that this Ferrari-inspired machine shares the same beating heart as the Ford Mustang of the era, armed with the venerable 289-ci V-8 engine. This example is said to have a star-studded past and served as the personal car for Sonny and Cher. Best of all, it is available for rent right here on DriveShare!

Go for the gold in Concours de Lemons Worst of Show

1977 AMC Gremlin, 2019

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, Neo-Classic cars were the choice of the elite. These unique cars offer a low barrier to entry into the collector car world while emulating a flashy and opulent coach-built saloon from the 1930s. Conversion companies often used the Mercury Cougar as a base and would add large horns, phaeton-style tops, and long sweeping fenders.

But what happens when you take the already eclectic AMC Gremlin and bury it under fiberglass? The result is so awful that you take home the Worst of Show award from the Pebble Beach 2019 Concours d’Lemons! Thanks to our gracious hosts at California Motor Car Co., you too can take a drive back to the glamorous side of the emissions era of motoring.

Special Delivery

1984 Tritan A2

In the late 1970s, the fuel crisis forced us to find ways to save at the pump. Car companies responded by adding emissions equipment and tuning their engines on the learner side to increase fuel economy. Tritan Ventures, a small firm located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, had an entirely different idea: build an aerodynamic three-wheeled vehicle powered by a pint-sized engine to overtake the fuel crisis for good!

1984 Tritan A2

Enter the Tritan A2, a car noted by Car and Driver as “An answer to a question no one is asking.” This jet age inspired vehicle was subject to wind tunnel testing at the University of Michigan and had an impressive 0.14 drag coefficient. Under the fiberglass fuselage, a 440-cc rotary engine provided power and could reach a top speed of 90 mph while sipping gas at up to 80 mpg!

Tritan A2 Cockpit

The designers pitched the eclectic A2 to the executives at Domino’s Pizza, and they ordered one for the hefty price of $15,000. The plan was to replace the back passenger seat with a pizza warmer, thus creating a fuel-efficient and flashy means of slinging pies. The Tritan A2 toured the country at various openings at new Domino’s Pizza locations. After product testing, the A2 proved to be unviable. All ten examples had their pizza warmers removed, and the machines went to various museums across the country. One of our devoted DriveShare hosts, Robert, managed to track down #001 and its ready to deliver a unique touch to your next special event!

All is fair in love and chicken war

1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Pickup

The 1960s saw the U.S. engaged in a bitter war with France and West Germany over the importation of chickens, with both countries imposing tariffs. When negotiations failed, President Lyndon B. Johnson imposed a 25% tax on light-duty trucks, amongst other coveted imports, making the sale of foreign trucks unprofitable. As a result, very few VW trucks made it to the U.S. and experiencing one is a rare treat. In a sea of buses and Beetles, stand out from the crowd and try out the transporter truck.

Do the Deux Chevaux

1978 Citroen 2CV

In terms of eclectic cars that made motoring affordable for the masses, the Citroen 2CV ranks at the top in France. Like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Deux Chevaux saw production for over 40 years in eight different countries. At first glance, it is hard to believe this is a vehicle intended to mobilize farmers in post-war France. Under its charming exterior lies an easy-to-service air-cooled engine and long-travel suspension built to traverse through the fields. Driving the 2CV is as fun as being seen in it; stick shift savants will love the unique twist action required to row through the gears!

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