Got a cool car? You have a great side hustle with DriveShare

Has anyone ever looked at your classic or collector car and said “Wow, I wish I could get behind the wheel of one of those.” If so, you could make a few extra bucks every now and then by making that dream come true for car lovers. Your new side hustle happens through DriveShare, the peer-to-peer classic car and special interest vehicle rental site.

If you’re not familiar with DriveShare, think of it as a car-sharing platform where the vehicles you can rent are nothing but the best: a curated collection of awesome classics and desirable exotics from around the world. DriveShare offers rentals with cars like Ford Mustangs to VW Things as well as more modern rides, electric vehicles, and newer classics from the 1990s and beyond.

DriveShare allows guests to achieve their dreams of driving a classic muscle car, a sleek supercar, or an extravagant luxury vehicle for a brief period of time without spending tens or hundreds of thousands to own a car. DriveShare hosts set their own rental fees for the privilege of using their car for a few hours or a few days. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of listing your car on DriveShare today: 

Supplemental income from your special car

Most of us usually think of collectible cars as things we have to spend money on, not make money from. With DriveShare, we’re flipping that equation around. When you list your car for rent on DriveShare, you’re in control of the miles driven, the usage, and most importantly: the daily rate. You can even make your car available for chauffeured rides only: You get to drive and your renters get to simply enjoy the ride. 

Maybe you’d like to collect a few hundred bucks every weekend by letting someone safely enjoy your vehicle for an afternoon, an evening, or a couple of days. Perhaps you want to make your car available for a wedding photo shoot—or chauffeur the happy couple yourself on their special day. There might be someone who would like to use your vehicle in a parade, during a themed party or corporate event, a ride to prom or any other special occasion. If you’d like to try any of these, it’s time to start signing up. 

You’re fully protected during the rental period

If you’re a bit hesitant about the idea of letting someone unfamiliar drive your car for a few days, that’s completely understandable. Here’s how we’re protecting our owners who rent out their vehicles on DriveShare: 

Every driver who wants to rent a vehicle starts by going through a comprehensive background check and vetting process that checks their driving record for infractions like excessive speeding and reckless driving over the past few years; if there are any issues they don’t get behind the wheel of your car. Period. 

You can also set the level of security deposit, and you determine when your car is available for rent. Too slick on the roads and you don’t want to allow the rental after a heavy rain? That’s your call. Don’t want your car out there on salty roads in the winter? No problem – with a simple update to your vehicle’s availability calendar, it stays viewable but not rentable. 

For hosts who don’t want to let anyone behind the wheel (just yet!), or to give DriveShare a test drive to see how they feel, vehicles can also be listed for event or chauffeured services. Think weddings, anniversaries, city tours, photo or video shoots and other special events. This way, only the host or their pre-approved chauffeur driver would pilot the vehicle while their guests just sit back and enjoy the ride.

For guests, the rental price includes up to $1 million in liability coverage for both bodily injury and property damage, plus comprehensive and collision coverage up to the vehicle’s agreed value. If something does happen to your vehicle during the rental, we’ve also arranged for 24/7 roadside assistance. 

You’re sharing the love of driving—and possibly creating a new car lover

While making money off your vintage, classic or otherwise desirable vehicle is always nice, it’s really spreading the joy of driving that many of our DriveShare owners are really interested in. Lots of drivers who rent with the intention of living a dream for a weekend come away with a new passion for ownership of fun-to-drive cars, and become new members of the car-lover community. Many drivers are also looking to determine what kind of classic car they want to acquire next, so your vehicle may help them decide on their next big purchase. 

No matter what, when someone comes to pick up your DriveShare vehicle, you’re handing the keys to someone who loves cars. Someone who loves to drive these special cars. Someone who wants to be a part of the classic or collectible car community. Paying that love of classic cars forward can often be its own reward. (But the rental fee sure helps too.)

Ready to get started on your DriveShare listing? Great! The process starts here; you’ll need to answer a few questions and upload some photos. (Need tips on photographing your car? We’ve got you covered there too. You should also check out our list of FAQs as well before your first rental.) You’re just a few steps away from making driving dreams come true; start your first listing today!


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