Five popular classic Chevrolets for rent on DriveShare

Chevrolet’s story started over 110 years ago when Billy Durant and Swiss race car driver Louis Chevrolet went into business building affordable automobiles. Over the years, few brands have solidified themselves on the road and in popular culture like Chevrolet. With iconic cars like the Corvette and the stunning styling of the Impala, it is no surprise that many of our renters choose Chevy. Join us on a cruise through our most rented cars from the bow tie brand. 

1963 Corvair Monza  

Photo by: Brian M., DriveShare Host

Chevrolet broke the mold when they came out with the fresh, European-styled Corvair. Borrowing from its German cousin, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Corvair boasts a rear-mounted, air-cooled engine. Despite being the subject of controversy thanks to a piece titled “Unsafe at Any Speed,” by crusading attorney and activist Ralph Nader, this has not hindered our members from using this Corvair as their star car for parades, photoshoots, and weddings. Onlookers can’t help but smile and wave!   

1975 K5 Blazer

Photo by Yelena S., DriveShare Host

Capture the pure free-wheeling spirit of the ‘70s! This spacious square body Blazer is rugged and ready to get lost in L.A. Built like a rock with a four-inch suspension lift and oversized tires, the “Golden Bull” is a photoshoot favorite.

1969 Chevelle

Photo by Bayle l., DriveShare Host

Sedans are becoming scarce in the collector car world, often torn apart to restore their coupe stablemates or sent to the demolition derby to fight to a dented death. Fortunately, not so for this fan-favorite; this survivor Chevelle sport sedan retains all original powertrain and wears the perfect patina. 

1964 Impala SS  

Photo by James C., DriveShare Host

To this day, the Impala holds the record as Chevrolet’s best-selling car of all time. Experience the bow-tie brand’s flagship that looked and performed so well that it inspired music hits in multiple genres. The 1964 model year has gone done in history as a status symbol of the West Coast car scene. 

1971 Corvette 

Photo by Kurt S., DriveShare Host

Sporting recent performance and handling upgrades, this 450-horsepower Corvette ranks up to our most popular Chevrolet on all of DriveShare. Make a date with this ‘Vette and discover why our members rave about this car’s uncanny ability to stop a show in its tracks!    

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