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1966 Shelby Cobra 427

Cary, NC

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$ 795 / full day


$ 795 / full day


$ 795 / full day

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General information

Body Convertible
Transmission Automatic
Gears 3


  • Heat
  • Aux Input/iPod


Local & Nationwide delivery options, enquire for pricing & details.
No other sports car is more quintessentially American than the Shelby 427 Cobra. You only have to see it once, in a photograph or a movie, and it is sealed forever in your memory, together with its name.

The Cobra is arguably one of the most sensational all-time great classic sports cars ever built, and this 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra tribute is the perfect specimen.

It attracts a lot of attention wherever it goes. You can't drive a single mile without a wave, thumbs up, a shout, or a question. The Cobra is extremely photogenic so be prepared for passing crowds to take pictures whenever you stop.

At rest, it exudes an aura of sensuous danger… But it's when the monstrous engine springs to life with that sinister, wet rumble that this American icon shows it's true racing heritage. You instantly know you’re in the presence of a car that was meant to do something important.

Like the Shelby Cobras that dominated the racing circuits in the ’60s, this car boasts an original 7.0-liter big-block Ford Fe 427 "side-oiler” V8. In competition form, power output was 485bhp resulting in a blistering top speed of 185mph. It’ll hit 60 at just over four seconds (and feels like it could tow your house while doing it) - That's very quick even today - 50 years later… in '66 it must have felt almost unbelievable!

Legend has it Carroll Shelby would place a $100 bill on the car’s dashboard, if you could reach forward and grab it under acceleration, you could keep it. So the story goes, not one person walked away with an extra $100.

The roadster is finished in Guardsman Blue (the color Carroll Shelby chose for his racing squadron), with a pair of contrasting racing stripes that glisten in the morning light. The interior too is true to its heritage; simple yet functional. Classic black leather racing seats, a vintage wood racing steering wheel, all the original gauges, and switches along with five-point racing harnesses for added safety. The automatic transmission makes it comfortable to maneuver in city traffic, yet lets it behave like a race car on open roads. Four-wheel disc brakes and independent suspension allow the car to glide through corners providing for a more manageable driving experience.

It's no secret that every Cobras has a story. Perhaps because it takes an “interesting” sort of person to wrap their hands around that skinny wooden steering wheel and let this beast roam free. The feeling of this legend on the open road is like no other. Prowling, growling and occasionally bellowing as it devours every mile of road you give it, just like it once did, over half a century ago.

This '66 Shelby 427 Cobra is the epitome of high-performance cool and will bring your bucket list to another level. No one, and I mean no one, ever comes back without a giant smile on their face.

Why you should rent from us:
● Guaranteed customer satisfaction
● We will NEVER cancel your reservation
● Local & Nationwide delivery available
● Last-minute bookings available
● We will NEVER be late or waste your time
● ONE-WAY rental options available.
● Free post-trip WASH & cleaning.

Videos & Reviews: (paste link in browser)

Car includes all the essentials for your trip:
● Phone chargers (iPhone, Samsung, LG, etc)
● Umbrella, Flashlight & First aid kit
● Roadmap, Restaurant Guides & More

Limited trunk space, please pack light
It's a 2-seater, there are no rear seats

More about us:
Click our profile for more info & cars.

Rent one of our spectacular cars and turn your trip into an adventure!

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Thanks for checking us out. Feel free to reach out with any questions,
We're always happy to help.


Fuel & Mileage Policy

Fuel Type Unleaded - Premium
Fuel Policy Return with the same amount
Mileage Limit Per Day 100 miles
Overage Rate/mile $1.99


Pets No Pets Allowed
Smoking Non-Smoking

Weather Policy

Weather Owner's Discretion


Pick-Up Instructions

The Clubhouse at Wimbledon Tennis Courts & Pool in Cary offers a secure, lit and safe parking area where we will meet you for pickup and dropoff. There is also ample parking for you to leave your own vehicle.

RDU Airport Pickup & Return instructions:
Please message me ahead of time to let know your flight number and which terminal you’ll be arriving at.

Pickup at RDU airport terminal 2:
The car (and I) will be waiting for you in the parking area, opposite Terminal 2 arrivals.

Pickup at RDU airport terminal 1:
I will be waiting for you at Starbucks inside terminal 1. We can then walk across to the parking building opposite the terminal where the car will be waiting for you.

Returns at RDU airport terminal 1 & 2:
Please message me ahead of time to let me know which terminal you’ll be departing from.
I'll then be waiting for you at the terminal (curb-side) at agreed Drop off time.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Cary, NC


John Simonovich
John Simonovich
Once in a lifetime experience! Thomas was phenomenal to work with and extremely responsive. His service made the entire process that much better. The Shelby 427 was a truly amazing car and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

If Thomas has the car you’re looking for….stop the search and book through him!
Patrick Jasionek
Patrick Jasionek
Thomas and Debbie were awesome hosts. They are the nicest people ever, very informative and have a great sense of humor. As for the car.. it was amazing. Looks and sounds just how you’d imagine, ferocious. They really helped to add a special touch to our wedding! Thanks again guys!

Car owner info

Thomas Cleverdon

Thomas Cleverdon
Response Rate:
“Hi we're Thomas & Debbie; startup founders & perpetual travelers.

For we long as we can remember; we’ve been petrolheads & racing enthusiasts, a passion that's led us on a lifelong journey of adventure. From racing dream cars on the Nürburgring to driving timeless classics along the French Riviera, epic cannonball runs, and cross-continental road trips - We've enjoyed every minute of it!

In the past, we've founded over a dozen companies in both Tech, eCommerce and the Automotive sector. Built exclusive dealerships, sourced vehicles for celebrities, procured cars for the 007 James Bond movies, and sold priceless supercars for the Gumball3000-Rally with drivers such as F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, David Hasselhoff, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and others.

By launching Wedding & Event Cars here on Driveshare, we're excited to share some of my most cherished sports cars with fellow car enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Rent one of our spectacular cars and turn your trip into an adventure!

⭐️ 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Tribute
⭐️ 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster
⭐️ Porsche 911 Carrera S (Macadamia Brown)
⭐️ Porsche 911 Carrera S (Carrera White)
⭐️ Jaguar XKR Supercharged Convertible


✅ Local & Nationwide delivery available

Thanks for checking us out. Feel free to reach out with any questions,
We're always happy to help.”

Thomas' Clubs

  • Hagerty Drivers Club

    Hagerty Drivers Club

  • Porsche Club of America

    Porsche Club of America

Thomas' Garage
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