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1954 Dodge M-37

Gordon, TX

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$ 400 / full day

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Security Deposit $ 200
Every booking includes insurance and roadside assistance at no extra cost.
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General information

Body Truck
Transmission Manual
Gears 4


  • Aux Input/iPod



This vehicle was once owned by professional bull-rider Ty Murray and ex-wife singer/songwriter Jewel. It was fully restored in 2018 and is all original. It is a perfect photo prop for military weddings, newly enlistees into the Army or U.S. Army veterans.

Six prototypes of the vehicle were produced in early-to-mid 1950 based on the WC series Dodge vehicles used in World War II, with the first pre-production pilot vehicle rolling off the assembly line on 14 December 1950. Many of the components on the M37 are similar or identical to the World War II vehicle and many deficiencies of the previous series were corrected in the M37. Notably, a conventional pickup truck style bed replaced the platform on the World War II vehicle, simplifying production.

Production of the M37 began in earnest in January 1951, with approximately 11,000 vehicles made by the end of that year. By mid-1954 63,000 of the vehicles had been produced. In 1958 a number of modifications to the design resulted in the new vehicles being designated as M37B1. From mid-1958 until the end of production 47,600 M37B1 vehicles were produced. Approximately 4,500 Canadian M37CDNs were also produced between 1951 and 1955. These vehicles continued in service worldwide in the Israeli and Greek militaries.

Rental Terms
Thank you for your interest in the 1954 Dodge M-37 vehicle. Before renting, please take a moment to read the terms of use. Renting this vehicle indicates that you have read and accepted the terms of use. This vehicle is historical, a well-maintained machine that represent countless hours of restoration and attention to detail and must be treated with respect at all times. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being removed from your photo shoot.

The following terms and conditions are in addition to the Hagerty Drive Share terms and conditions.

Owner will be present with the car at all times. The owner will make sure the car is kept in a photo-ready condition. The owner will approve or deny special requests at sole discretion.

Food and Drink
You agree that no food or drink is allowed in the vehicle at any time.

Physical Contact
You agree not to sit, stand, lay, or otherwise occupy the hood, roof, bed, or any exposed body panel unless approved by owner. No muddy shoes allowed at any time.

No driving allowed.

You agree that no camera rigs are to be mounted to the exterior or interior of the car without prior approval.

This vehicle will only be available for rent during fair weather and owner reserves the right to cancel agreement if weather does not permit.

Location Zone
Can only be rented within a 30-40 mile zone from home location. Owner reserves the right to deny a request at time based on location.


Fuel & Mileage Policy

Fuel Type Unleaded - Premium
Fuel Policy Included


Pets No Pets Allowed
Smoking Non-Smoking

Weather Policy

Weather Owner's Discretion


Pick-Up Instructions

Owner will bring vehicle to photo shoot location. Rental is only for 4 hours.

Gordon, TX


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Car owner info

Aaron Rexroat

Aaron Rexroat

Aaron's Clubs

  • Hagerty Drivers Club

    Hagerty Drivers Club

Aaron's Garage
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