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1957 Ford Custom 300

Los Angeles, CA

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$ 900 / full day

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General information

Body Coupe
Transmission Manual
Gears 3



Ford LAPD police car 100% accurate in every detail for 1957.

LA City's 57 Ford Custom 300 patrol car is historic, in that it was the last model powered with an inline 6 cylinder engine, mated to a 3 speed, manual (column shift) transmission. The 223 cubic inch Ford six was a strong runner, performing remarkably close to V-8's of the day. This is the only correct example of a LAPD 57 Ford known to exist.

Because of its rarity, we are mostly renting for film, TV, advertising and music video shoots. We prefer static shots but will pull into shots or drive a short distance.

It has a MOTOROLA trunk mount 2-way radio. Detailed focus was placed on this equipment. The radio and associated components were all manufactured in 1957. FM roof antenna is period correct, with the phenolic base painted white to reduce cracking per LAPD specs. Second antenna is AM radio type, including modifying the radio to have AM type antenna jack. LAPD cars received dispatch calls on 1712 KHZ AM, and transmitted back to HQ on 155.01 MHZ FM. This is the reason for two different type antennas. The rare "communications equipment" brass ID plate was reproduced at considerable expense. The car is equipped with an electronic module that plays LAPD Valley Division calls through the Motorola speaker. They play in a continuous loop. These are recorded onto a SD card, and edited to eliminate any information that did not exist in 1957… Totally realistic!

The roof mounted "Can Lights" are vintage S&M model 757's used on a LAPD Central Division (1-983) Black & White unit. They have GE 4001R seal beams front and rear. LA did not use Amber rears until 1963). The siren is a B&M model S8B. It produces a robust, spine tingling sound. Also siren related are the deluxe horn ring (part of a police package), and a floor mounted button on the passenger side, for use by a second officer. This was helpful to the driver who was busy shifting gears and maneuvering the vehicle on code three calls.

Interior color: Ford "police package" tan colors.

Original un-restored license plates, numbered only 174 digits from the ones displayed in the original photo of a LAPD 57 Ford. Totally period correct, they could easily have been issued to LA city vehicles including LAPD. The City owned several hundred vehicles in the 1950's, which included 500 or more 57 Fords.

Ford Police Package cars in 57, normally left the factory with 14 inch wheels & tires. LAPD specified 15 inch wheels & tires, preferred for their handling characteristics. This car is equipped with (5) new original style Firestone Deluxe Champion bias ply tires, size 7:10 X
15. They only have a few dozen miles on them.


Fuel & Mileage Policy

Fuel Type Unleaded - Regular
Fuel Policy Pay for usage
Mileage Limit Per Day 1 miles
Overage Rate/mile $10.00


Pets No Pets Allowed
Smoking Non-Smoking

Weather Policy

Weather No Rain/Snow


Los Angeles, CA


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Car owner info

Robert Rhine

Robert Rhine
Response Rate:
“I own two rare mint vintage vehicles available to rent for film television, commercials and music videos only.:

1) 1959 Cadillac hearse (Miller Meteor).

2) 1957 Ford LAPD police car.”
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