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Dave Hord
Renting was an easy experience, with a fantastic owner who cares about his cars and the experience. This 914 is a great example of the type, but even if you've experienced a tail-shift 914 be aware it will challenge you. Plan some time to get used to the gearbox. Once you've got it down, it's a fantastic car to drive.

I spent most of the rental responding to shouts of "that car is incredible!" Or "sweet car!" They weren't wrong!
Jerzy Banasiak
Any fan of Porsche knows that the Cayman R is a rarity, even more so in this Peridot Metallic green exclusive to the R. After just one day with the car, I was beyond impressed with it. I feel like the 911 after the 997 has gotten too big & bloated of a coupe. This thing feels perfect in size, similar to my 996 Turbo. Obviously, this is a different experience as a mid-engine NA RWD car versus a rear-engine turbo AWD car.

As for the chassis itself, it is remarkably neutral despite not being exactly 50/50 weight distribution. This is down about 400 lbs from a 996 Turbo, and I could feel the extra agility as a result. Going through the twisties was effortless, and the car rotated exactly how I wanted it to. It was very predictable how the tires got loaded up and the weight shifted around. Unlike a 911, I feel like you'd have to try REALLY hard to upset the chassis and lose control. And while obviously this does not have 4 wheel steer, at times it sure felt like it with the way the rear of the car tracked my inputs from the front. It does have "only" 330HP, but the power delivery has a surprising grunt to it once you get up in the rev band and the howl that comes out of the R's pipes is absolutely intoxicating. Finally, special mention for the seat. Sweet baby Jesus, this is hands-down the BEST seat I've ever sat in. To the point I regret doing so as I want one now for my 996 Turbo. It kept me locked down the whole time no matter what I was doing, and yet it was unbelievably comfortable. I didn't know a race bucket seat could be this good.

I see now what the car journalists meant that the Cayman R is one of the best balanced Porsches ever made. It also fits the island with the gorgeous color and making mincemeat of the great driving roads while still maintaining enough compliance to the point of being a worthy daily-driver. If I lived on Maui, I would likely swap my 996 Turbo out with this. Fantastic car, highly recommend it for anyone to see what a modern Porsche SHOULD feel like.
Stephen Fisher
A fun car to drive! Marc was super accommodating to our needs. He dropped the car off to us and picked it up at the end of the night! Made for a great day trip down to Rhode Island and back. The amount of looks, thumbs ups and people saying great car made the experience well worth it alone!
Steven Haas
Hank's 914 is a beautiful car and Hank was very helpful and accommodating when we rented it for both driving and for display at our company event. I look forward to driving it again and highly recommend Hank and his cars.
Brad Phillips
What a wonderful experience! The 914 was a pleasure to drive and the owner is a knowledgeable and friendly guy. We had a great time.
Amy Oneal
This car was absolutely perfect! Todd was so knowledgeable and accommodating. Such a great experience! We will definitely do this again!
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