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If you have a truck or SUV and want to make a bit of cash, these are the most popular rentals on DriveShare. Click the button below to learn more about listing your car.

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DriveShare gives you full control over price, mileage and who gets in the driver’s seat, along with exceptional insurance coverage and roadside protection. With three rental options — driving, chauffeured or event — you always decide how your vehicle is used.

How it works

Listing your ride is a breeze.

  1. Register here for a free account.

  2. Snap at least three awe-inspiring pictures of your car, including the interior. Scenic backgrounds are a big draw.

  3. Click here and enter your car's description, upload your photos, set your policies, decide which rental types youll offer, set your price and list your general location.

  4. Publish your listing!

  5. Once your listing is live, don't forget to keep your calendar up to date so that renters know when your car is available.

  6. Pro tip: download our free mobile app to update your listing, easily communicate with renters and document the start and end of your rentals.

Learn more about how to list or check out our owner FAQ.


Carl Larson
The experience of driving this Series III was so much fun. There aren’t too many of these around and even less in Pittsburgh so I think it’s really cool this platform exists. The truck looks great and Zac took his time going over all the idiosyncrasies of operation. The listing description is completely accurate. If you have the urge to drive around like you’re on an expedition, then you won’t be disappointed renting this Land Rover.
Julian Hampton
Erik was wonderful and his vehicle was awesome. His attentiveness to the trip care for the vehicle made it worry free.
Ari Fustukjian, DVM
This was a phenomenal experience. Geordie was friendly and easy to communicate with. My fiance and I were able to check out the vehicle before hand, and have all our questions answered. Our driver, Rachel, was timely, courteous, and accommodating for photos.

This truck was absolutely perfect for someone looking for a unique/rustic/vintage experience, and fit perfectly with the rest of our wedding theming. Would definitely do it again.
Scott Ragan
Whether you're looking to add some nostalgia to a camping trip or just want to experience how it was like to handle a classic 4x4 on the road, this Bronco is for you. The orange color, the clean interior, the foldaway vinyl sunroof, the vintage sounding car stereo, the rumbling 302 engine... I could go on and on about this super fun vehicle!
Walter Botello
Amazing! That's how you will feel behind the wheel of this bad boy. Theres nothing else like it. Thanks Allen for putting your awesome H1 out there for enthusiasts like me to experience the drive.
Tara Turbo-Hurlin
Carter was incredibly accommodating and even helped me find great driving roads in the area! The Toyota is in great condition and was a joy to drive. Thank you for an incredible experience!

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