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DriveShare: Like Airbnb, but for Cool Cars

DriveShare, by Hagerty, has streamlined the process for renting out classic cars. It’s basically Airbnb, but for cool machines. And unlike some other services, like Vinty and Turo, DriveShare operates on a national scale.


Car-sharing platform offers chance to win your ‘dream drive’

Now, Hagerty’s DriveShare by Hagerty, which describes itself as a nationwide peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that connects “people who own great cars with people who want to rent them,” is leading a contest for licensed drivers who share their vision of a “Dream Drive.”


DriveShare By Hagerty ‘Dream Drive’ Contest Is Under Way

DriveShare by Hagerty is having a ‘Dream Drive’ experience contest that will put one lucky winner behind the wheel of a Daytona Coupe replica built by Factory Five.


Win A “Dream Drive” On California Highway 1 In Factory Five Daytona

For most of us, our dream drives are usually a bit unobtainable. I don’t own a GT3 Porsche or a pink Cadillac, which means these drives are going to be pretty tough to get to do. However, Hagerty’s DriveShare peer-to-peer car rental service changes all of that.


DriveShare - Rent Classic Cars

Some people see cars as purely functional, useful only for getting from point A to point B and back again, but many people have a love and passion for cars. They can see the beauty in each design, appreciating the speed, power, and performance of the finest models and loving the unique thrill of driving truly classic cars. Drive Share lets you experience classic cars whenever you want.


How to Rent a Vintage Car

"My first rental, a 1990 Jaguar XJ-S from DriveShare, was flawless." - Bloomberg Journalist Brett Berk


DriveShare brings classic car sharing to the Valley

From muscle to classic to luxury rides, DriveShare by Hagerty has them all. 


DriveShare is like Air BnB but for classic cars

DriveShare by Hagerty appears on Michigan's local Fox 2 News Detroit.


The American Dream

DriveShare by Hagerty is a fairly new way of experiencing the joys of a classic car. Perhaps the easiest way to describe it without banging on and on and on, is if you just imagine a sort of Airbnb for classic cars. 


Hagerty Rolls Out 'DriveShare' to Rent Out Classic Cars Direct from Owners

Feel like snagging a mint 1971 Ferrari Daytona for the day? How about a spotless 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS?


Make your next road trip truly epic with this car-sharing website for vintage wheels

That eagerly anticipated road trip is approaching. The playlist is made, the accommodation is booked and you’re ready to hit the open road. But why take your own familiar car when you can easily rent a stunning, vintage collectible with the touch of a button? 


What it’s like to drive a 1974 Ford Bronco

The first and most enduring impression while getting close to the Bronco is one of rugged utility. The doors open and latch with a serious mechanical clunk, the kind that requires a level of force indifferent to mechanical sympathy. 


DriveShare Is the Airbnb of Cool Vintage Cars

Skip the rental car counter: This clever app will put you behind the wheel of a classic ride on your next vacation. 


1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal - Smoking Tire One Take

I drove this Alfa Montreal using HAGERTY's DriveShare service and so can you!


This 1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal is an immaculately restored, example with low miles and a beautiful finish inside and out. The Montreal was produced from 1970-1977, designed by Marcello Gandini for Studio Bertone. Gandini had previously designed the Lamborghini Miura, and some crossover styling details are apparent both from outside, and especially under the drivers seat. Under the clamshell hood is a fuel-injected, four-cam 2.6L V8 making a supposed 200 horsepower, but we suspect actually it produces quite a bit more, along with one of the most fantastic engine notes we've ever heard and a stratospheric-for-the-time 7,000 RPM redline. 


Road Trip! DriveShare is the Airbnb of Vintage, Exotic, and Collectible Cars

DriveShare’s goal is simple: connect owners of the world’s most sought-after cars with prospective non-owners who would very much like to drive said cars. For most owners, their exotic cars are likely to sit idle far more than they’re actually driven. Add to that the fact there are far more car enthusiasts who’d love to drive an exotic car than the number of drivers who actually own one.


How a ’74 Jag taught me to just relax and look good


I rented the car via Hagerty DriveShare in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I was greeted by Riley, the owner. He’s a young, spritely looking guy, someone you wouldn’t peg as a driver of an aging British luxury sedan. “Oh, I’ve had about five of these things,” he says nonchalantly. We walk over to the car, parked amidst hordes of late-model used vehicles at the dealership where he works, and I immediately understand. Good lord, this thing oozes cool.


The LA Classic Auto Show Made Our Heads Spin

Rod Authority

DriveShare by Hagerty offered opportunities for enthusiasts to get behind the wheel of four choice classic cars: a 1968 Ford Mustang California Special, ‘66 Mustang convertible, a sporty five-speed manual ‘76 Fiat Spider Pininfarina, and a slick silver ‘70 Mercedes-Benz 280SL convertible. After a cruise around the convention center, the participant’s faces beamed with delight, and those who never owned a classic left with a  budding addiction.


DriveShare lets you rent your dream car from a car collector

The Verge

For a car collector, a barn find is basically like hitting the automotive jackpot. (A barn find is a term for a car that’s been sitting idle and unloved until it is rediscovered.) But even collector cars that are well tended to don’t often get driven enough. To keep an old car sharp, it needs to be taken out of the garage and put on the road. For collectors that can’t find the time, there’s a new solution.


For lovers of vintage cars, DriveShare is the new place to rent (or rent out) your ride

LA Times

Want to drive a 1937 Packard this weekend? A 1973 VW van? A 1931 Model A? DriveShare has your car. The new company, modeling itself as the "Airbnb of vintage cars,” is now offering a peer-to-peer rental service.

Using a database of more than 1 million vehicles insured by parent company Hagerty, the country’s leader in vintage vehicle insurance, the just-launched DriveShare already has a menu of 300 tasty offerings.


Hagerty Launches DriveShare - A Peer-to-Peer Enthusiast Car Rental Community

Markets Insider

Hagerty, the world's largest network for people who love cars and collectible vehicles, today announced it has acquired Classics&Exotics, the nation's only peer-to-peer online marketplace for classic cars, and relaunched it as DriveShare by Hagerty.


The AirBnB of Classic Cars Is Finally Here


The current world of peer-to-peer apps allowing us to send money and snippets of our lives to each other with a few strokes of the thumb is the same technological surge that brought us the convenience of things like AirBnB and Turo, the car-sharing service that allows individuals to rent their rides to each other while the company skims a bit of the price to provide the parties with insurance.


Hagerty’s New DriveShare Website Puts Classic Car Rental a Click Away

Robb Report

If it’s a struggle to decide which exotic vehicle from your extensive collection to drive each day, then Hagerty's new DriveShare service may be of little interest. For the automotive-minded masses without a garage full of cars, however, it’s a sure bet to be bookmarked. Sort of like Airbnb for cars (or, more precisely, a luxe version of Turo), the service pairs qualified drivers (30 years of age or older) with coveted cars while providing the owner of each dream machine with another income stream.

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