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By joining the DRIVESHARE community, you're giving drivers experiences they'll never forget. And you'll earn some extra income on the side — win-win! DRIVESHARE gives you full control with three rental options — driving, chauffeured or event — you always decide how your car is used. Check out some sweet BMWs already listed as well as rental reviews — then list your own.

List your BMW care-free knowing you are covered with DRIVESHARE. Each rental booked through DRIVESHARE includes exceptional insurance that protects the car for the entire rental period, and premium roadside assistance has your back the entire time.

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  2. Snap at least three awe-inspiring pictures of your car, including the interior. Scenic backgrounds are a big draw.

  3. Click here and enter your car's description, upload your photos, set your policies, decide which rental types youll offer, set your price and list your general location.

  4. Publish your listing!

  5. Once your listing is live, don't forget to keep your calendar up to date so that renters know when your car is available.

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