DriveShare Eligibility Requirements

While we reserve the right to decline membership for any reason, the following are the minimum eligibility requirements to register as a renter:

Renter Eligibility Documentation:
Acceptance of a renter into the DriveShare program shall be in the sole discretion of DriveShare. As a renter you are required to notify DriveShare of any changes to your eligibility, including and not limited to the status of a driver’s license, or any criminal charges, prior to renting a car using the services. Failure to notify and gain proper approvals will result in your account being deactivated. In addition, you will be personally liable for all damages and related legal fees as well as vehicle insurance claims and damages.

Renter Eligibility Continued Monitoring:
DriveShare may periodically monitor any renter’s driving record and criminal history to ensure that such renter continues to qualify for membership under our Renter Eligibility Requirements. In addition, renter reviews can be triggered by a number of events. These may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

 Vehicles registered in the state of New York are ineligible for listing on DriveShare. Furthermore, any rental which is collected or begins in the state of New York (irrespective of the vehicle’s state of registration) is also ineligible and excluded from DriveShare.

DriveShare Prohibited Uses

Only approved DriveShare drivers can book and drive a car while it is under a DriveShare reservation. To be an “approved DriveShare driver” means that the member has submitted his or her driver's license information, the driving history continues to meet our eligibility requirements, and the member is still in good standing.

The renter of a vehicle may allow any approved DriveShare driver to drive the car; all drivers shall be jointly and severally liable during the rental, but the renter shall remain primarily liable for the rental.

Engaging in any Prohibited Uses with a DriveShare vehicle will be grounds for fees, suspension or cancellation of your membership. It will also lower the renter's liability coverage to state minimum limits or nullify coverage where allowable by applicable state law; if the owner has encouraged the engagement in a Prohibited Use, their coverage may be similarly reduced. Engaging in any Prohibited Uses may also eliminate any coverage for the renter for any claims related to physical damage.

Prohibited vehicle uses and activities include:

DriveShare Wear and Tear Policy

Light “wear and tear” that is part of the normal operation of a classic and/or exotic vehicle is an inherent part of renting out a car; the owner is not “protected” against light wear and tear, nor is the renter “responsible” for wear and tear resulting from normal usage of the car. Wear and tear may include engine wear, brake and suspension wear, minor scuffing of the interior surfaces, as well as minor (less than 1 inch in length) nicks, scratches, abrasions or dents to the exterior (including wheels) normally associated with street parking, shopping cart bumps, and the like.

However, renters are fully responsible for, and DriveShare does not provide any protection to renters for 1) any damage related to “misuse” or Prohibited Uses of the vehicle, 2) any damage to the interior of the car, or 3) any mechanical damage resulting from a renter’s improper driving (e.g., clutch damage from rough driving, suspension damage from running over speed bumps at high speed or into curbs, continuing to drive with warning indicator lights illuminated, etc).

Clutch Policies

A vehicle listed on DriveShare with its original clutch must be less than 5 years old to be eligible for consideration of reimbursement for clutch repairs. If the car is more than 5 years old, it may still be considered eligible if the clutch has been replaced by a factory certified mechanic fewer than 5 years ago.

If it has been determined that renter misuse is the cause of the clutch damage, and written certification of that determination by a certified mechanic has been submitted, the owner will be entitled to proportional reimbursement. This proportional reimbursement is calculated by reference to the otherwise expected remaining life of the clutch, based on the mileage at the end of the reservation.

We strongly suggest each owner should check with renter as to clutch proficiency prior to providing the car to the renter. We also recommend a joint test drive of the vehicle as per our checkout process, as each vehicle's clutch will perform differently. 

None of the above affects the basic principle that a renter must be proficient in use of a clutch, or they may be held liable for costs associated with the resulting damage to an owner’s car.

Tickets and Moving Violations Policy:

Should a renter get a ticket, the renter is responsible for paying any ticket/s received during the reservation as well as any parking ticket/s received 24 hours after the end of the rental. If you find a parking ticket on your car or one is mailed to you, please pay it, and send a copy to us at help@driveshare.com  and we will reimburse you by adding the amount to your next owner payment. (Please note that DriveShare is not responsible for late fees added onto unpaid toll notices or parking tickets.) Please remember that for full reimbursement, we'll need to see the complete date and time of the violation, as well as a copy of the ticket.

If the ticket is a moving violation, and particularly a photo-ticket where the driver is not identified, we will provide (upon request to help@driveshare.com) documentation to you to support your contesting of the violation and/or transferring of the violation to the renter. Please note that procedures differ by jurisdiction. 

DriveShare Fees Policy

Service Fees
DriveShare charges service fees to the renter for each rental booked through driveshare.com. The fees for each are listed below. Failure to charge any of the below fees or other indulgences shall not constitute a waiver of the right to exercise the same in the event another fee should become due at any other time.

Renter Service Fee
10% service fee will be charged to the vehicle renter for each rental booked.

Insurance Fee

When a renter books a driving rental, they will have the choice of 3 coverage options to choose from for their rental. The insurance fee will be added to the total price for the rental. 

Booking Fee: Individual Owners
DriveShare takes 20% of each reservation. This fee covers the cost of the platform, payment processing, listing and availability management, and support services provided by DriveShare to both the owner and renter during the rental period.

Administrative Fees
A fee of $25.00 will be charged for any administrative event such as neglecting to pay for a parking or speeding ticket during a rental period. The at-fault user incurs the charge.

Late Fees
Returning a car late can really inconvenience the car owner. There is a 15-minute grace period with each rental. If a Renter returns a car late, without notifying and communicating with the Owner or DriveShare, they will be charged the hourly rate of that vehicle along with a $50.00 late fee for each hour the vehicle is late, up to $500. DriveShare commission will be charged on both the late fee and the hourly rate. These charges will be added in addition to the agreed upon rental rate between the Owner and Renter.

Excess Mileage Fee
Renters will be charged for all excess mileage as designated per vehicle along with a $25.00 Administrative Fee.

Gas Fee
If the car is returned with less than the amount of gas as at the start of the rental, the Renter will be charged $6.00 per gallon of missing gas along with a $25.00 Administrative Fee.

Citation & Tolls Fee
In the event that a Renter fails to pay for a parking ticket, speeding ticket, toll, or other citation that occurs during or subsequent to a rental, a fee equal to the highest amount on the citation will be charged to the Renter along with a $25.00 Administrative Fee.

Cleaning Fee
We understand that cars get dirty out on the road. If the car is returned and is deemed to require additional cleaning due to smoke, pets, excessive trash, sand, neglect, etc., a cleaning fee of up to $350 may be imposed along with a $25.00 Administrative Fee.

*DriveShare reserves the right to charge an administrative or inconvenience fee, plus any costs incurred by DriveShare, for categories not explicitly noted above.

DriveShare Maintenance Policy

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance: The Owner is responsible for obtaining regularly scheduled maintenance for the Car in accordance with all government and manufacturer recommendations ('Maintenance'). The Service may make certain assumptions about your Maintenance requirements based on information you provide about the Car. Upon request by DriveShare, the Owner is responsible for providing proof of Maintenance to DriveShare, in the form of acceptable documentation signed by the Car's mechanic, or if available, a proof of maintenance feature on the Service. Should the Owner fail to do this, DriveShare may suspend the Car from the Service until acceptable proof of Maintenance is received.

Operability: The Owner is responsible for maintaining the Car in a way that is safely operable by any Renter. The Owner may not place in the Car any modifications, devices, equipment or other items that may interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

Cleanliness: The Owner is responsible for making sure that the Car is clean at the start of each Rental period.

Failure to maintain your car in sound mechanical condition will subject your car to removal from the marketplace. Furthermore, you are responsible for all costs flowing from the failure to properly maintain the car and up to a $250 Administrative Fee.

Safety Recall Terms
To ensure safety for our renters and to comply with regulations, DriveShare requires vehicle owners to confirm that any safety recalls have been resolved and that related repairs have been completed before listing their vehicle on DriveShare.   

If you receive notice of a safety recall at any point after listing your vehicle on DriveShare, you will need to make your vehicle unavailable until the recall repairs have been completed.   

If your vehicle is in the possession of a renter when you receive a safety recall notice, you must notify DriveShare as soon as possible so that you can make the necessary repair. 

Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site is an easy way to ensure your vehicle doesn’t have any open recalls which have not been repaired prior to listing your vehicle on DriveShare.

DriveShare User Policies

August 15, 2017

DriveShare Smoking Policy
Renters or their passengers are not permitted to smoke in any vehicle in the DriveShare marketplace. If the owner reports the smell of smoke within 24 hours after a reservation has ended, that renter will be assessed a cleaning fee of up to $350 along with a $25.00 Administrative Fee. The renter may also be subject to removal from the marketplace.

If there is a smoke smell at the beginning of the reservation, please report it via e-mail to support@driveshare.com or via the checkout app at the very beginning of your reservation so that you are not held responsible for the violation. If the owner smokes in their car, it is their responsibility to include this information in the listing. If the owner fails to inform a renter that their vehicle smells of smoke prior to the beginning of the rental, the renter may be entitled to a full refund and the owner subject to a fee or removal from the marketplace.

DriveShare Pet Policy
Pets are not allowed in cars without the owner’s explicit consent. If an owner reports that a renter has transported a pet without their authorization, the renter will be subject to additional fees and may also be subject to removal from the marketplace.

DriveShare Late Return Policy
Owners are counting on renters to return the car at the originally scheduled time; failure to do so can result in significant inconvenience for the owner. Please be considerate and return the car on time, and if there is any chance there will be a late return, contact the owner immediately to request an extension. If an extension cannot be booked (whether because the owner or car are unavailable, there are insufficient funds, or otherwise), the renter must return the car at the originally scheduled end time.

To assess a late fee for the day, the owner should e-mail support@driveshare.com within 24 hours of the scheduled end of the reservation, identifying the renter’s name and the time the vehicle was returned. If the renter disputes the timing, they should provide evidence indicating when the car was actually returned.

Late fees charged to the renter are described in our Fees Policy, and begin to accrue following the 15 minute grace period. They are billed in increments of an hour. In the event of very substantial lateness, additional fees may be assessed.

DriveShare Cancellation Policy
Renters may cancel their trip through our site or mobile app, and the cancellation is effective immediately. Rentals may be cancelled with at least 48 hours notification at no charge. If a cancellation is made with less than 48 hours notification, the cancelling user will be charged the full fee of the Rental plus a $25 inconvenience fee. If an owner wishes to cancel a booked trip, they must notify the renter via on-site messaging at least 48 hours in advance, and contact us at support@driveshare.com to indicate their desire to do so. Renters are counting on owners to provide the car, so repeated cancellations will subject the owner to removal from the marketplace.

DriveShare Security Deposit Policy
We require a security deposit (minimum $250) before you may drive the car. If your payment card is a debit card, this amount will be deducted from your account; if it is a credit card, the amount will be pre-authorized. In each case, this will usually happen when you initially rent the car. However, if the trip is scheduled to start more than a week from the time you’ve paid for the rental, the security deposit will be charged 7 days prior to the trip starting; if the security deposit fails, your trip will be automatically cancelled. This deposit will be reversed 72 hours after you return the car in the condition that you first rented it. Depending on your bank and the means of payment, it may take up to 7 business days after we release the deposit for the funds to be available in your account. Credit cards will usually show a swifter return of the funds availability, as they will be a release of authorization.

DriveShare Gas Policy
Renters are responsible for replacing any gas used during the rental, using the appropriate fuel (i.e., regular, premium, or diesel). If a car is returned with less gas than when it was picked up, in order to seek reimbursement, the owner should report the cost of replacing the shortage to the renter and support@driveshare.com within 72 hours, including a receipt, and the renter will be charged for the cost, plus an inconvenience fee. Photographs of the receipt and photographs of the fuel levels must be included and must have been taken within the first 24 hours of the end of the trip. We recommend that owners keep the tank full in order to make it easier for everyone to determine how much gas the renter should refill. Renters should keep gas receipts for at least 5 days in case there is any dispute by the owner.

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