We’re a car-sharing community where classic car lovers connect with owners to drive unforgettable vehicles. For us, it’s about sharing a passion for classic cars. But it’s more than that: by listing a car, there’s a chance to unlock income from it – and by renting one, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.You don’t need to be a car expert, you just need to appreciate these very special vehicles.

Level up your next event
We don’t just mean those one-in-a-lifetime events like a wedding or prom. The beauty of classic or unusual cars is that they can make any event – big or small – even more memorable… and photogenic.

Whether you’re looking to take your road trip to the next level, give a memorable gift to the car lover in your life or you’re celebrating simply because it’s Tuesday, we’ve got vehicles for any occasion – with flexible options for rental types and times. And if you have a classic car, you could make it the star of the show by renting out for advertising or film shoots.
It’s all about the experience
Ever see a car cruise past and wonder what it would be like to get behind the wheel? Looking for a second chance at driving around in a memorable car – maybe your first car or just one that’s got a story to tell? You've come to the right place.

The DRIVESHARE platform or app can connect you to unique cars you might not otherwise have a chance to drive… and you can get behind the wheel without the investment of actually buying one. Why not take a rare or classic car for a spin, just because you can? (Don’t forget to post a pic on Instagram or Facebook…).
It’s all about shared passions
Every DRIVESHARE rental includes an in-person meeting to hand over the keys, creating a new kind of car-booking experience – one that is based on shared passions, trust and human connection. It's a way to pass on and share the excitement of driving a unique car, while growing the classic car community which spans the globe.

We get these vehicles are precious, which is why you can rent out your car – or drive one – knowing that it is in safe hands with our flexible coverage options.
How it works
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Ask questions
See photos, details and reviews of each car. You can ask any questions directly to the host.
Book it and enjoy
Sign up is quick and easy. Then just set up a convenient time and location and get excited.
Return the car
When the rental period is over, simply return the vehicle and make sure to review your experience.
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