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DriveShare provides classic cinema cars for a variety of industries and occasions, including  film production, photo shoots, commercial and special event productions.

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James Bond’s Aston Martin. Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt” Mustang. The “Knight Rider” Firebird. The Ferrari from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Want to get behind the wheel of an iconic car and create a movie moment of your own? DriveShare can help. 

At DriveShare, owners of classic and collectible car models like the ones made famous in films and TV shows have made their vehicles available for fans and enthusiasts to rent for an afternoon, a day, a weekend or more. And renters can take these cars for a spin – or you can rent them to star in your own photo or film shoot.  

Whether you’re on the production crew of a movie or commercial and you need a classic car, or you just want to amp up your family photos or wedding day props, there are tons of beautiful and rare vehicles for rent on DriveShare to help make your film and photo shoots shine.  

Check out all the star-worthy cars on DriveShare today.  

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