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Ford or Chevrolet, which would you choose to cruise? Rent a Ford or Chevrolet and enjoy the ride or share your cool car  care-free knowing you are covered with DriveShare.

Experience a Ford or Chevrolet

Coke vs. Pepsi. Nike or Reebok. Microsoft or Apple. Everyone has a preference over which big brands are better, but when it comes to Ford vs. Chevy, diehard car enthusiasts can’t help but get fired up for a healthy debate. 

Chevrolet and Ford are most well-known for pickup trucks and muscle cars, and both manufacturers have achieved record sales in each category. Though the success of today’s modern cars are a great example of the latest innovations and technology, comparing classic car models over the years makes for a refreshing cruise through automotive history. 

When it comes to the big Ford vs. Chevy debate, why not experience both?  Each vehicle model has its own perks and personality, from the rugged Ford Mustang pony car to the sporty Chevrolet Corvette. Whether you’re a lover of muscle cars, sports cars, luxury cars or 4x4s, both brands offer something that everyone can enjoy. Check out some of the examples below.

Is there a cool Ford or Chevrolet in your garage that you might want to let others experience? Create your own DriveShare listing today. You set the rules, rental rates, delivery distance and more, and you can rest easy knowing that every rental comes with car insurance and all drivers are verified and screened before qualifying to drive. 

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Ford vs. Chevrolet featured vehicles


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