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Share your Ford worry-free knowing you are covered with DRIVESHARE. Each rental booked through DRIVESHARE includes exceptional car insurance that protect your incredible car.

Share the car love, Ford-style

Is there a Ford in your garage that you’d like to let others enjoy? For everything from vintage Model As, to classic Thunderbirds or Broncos, to modern Mustangs, there are so many renters out there who love Fords as much as you do.  

That’s where you and your cool car come in. Create your own DRIVESHARE listing today. By sharing your Ford, you’ll make some extra cash to fund your own automotive adventures, but you’ll also be helping fellow Ford lovers get behind the wheel of a beloved model or try a dream car they’ve never driven before.  

With three rental options, you’re always in charge of how your car is used. List your Ford for any and all options: 

  • Driving rental: the renter drives  

  • Chauffeured rental: you or someone you trust drives 

  • Event rental: the car is on display only 

Plus, you set the rules, rental rates, delivery distance and more, and you can rest easy knowing that every rental comes with car insurance and all drivers are verified and screened before qualifying to drive.  

List your Ford for rent or learn how to do it

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