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Rev up your Car Week with a cool ride from DRIVESHARE.


Make your Monterey Car week trip unforgettable with a rental from DRIVESHARE. Life is far too short to drive boring rental cars. Flip the script and treat yourself to a car you actually want to drive.

Travel care-free knowing you are covered with DRIVESHARE. Each rental booked through DRIVESHARE includes exceptional insurance that protects the car for the entire rental period.

 From classy convertibles to modern exotics, DRIVESHARE is the place to rev up your stay! 

How it works

  1. Register here for a free account.

  2. Search for a car that makes your heart race.

  3. Select your dates and rental type: "Driving" means that you drive, "Chauffeured" means the owner drives and "Event" means the car will be used for display.

  4. Coordinate pick-up and drop-off with the owner. We recommend that you download the DRIVESHARE app for iPhone or Android to make communication and pick-up even easier.

  5. Enjoy the ride!

Learn more about how to rent or check out our renter FAQ.  

Cars in the Monterey area

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