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California Classic Wedding Car Rental
California classic wedding car rental and vintage car rental. Most people would agree that a traditional and romantic wedding reception should feature a few core elements - like for example a church, wedding dress, flowers and rings. But there are some other touches that can be made to a wedding reception that will make it truly unique – like for instance a classic or vintage wedding car. A stylish vintage wedding car from DRIVESHARE is the ideal way to guarantee a successful and memorable celebration for your wedding in California.

American car rental for your wedding in California
American cars and limousines are also very popular for weddings. Why not book a colourful funky Pink Cadillac wedding car with a luxurious interior, white roof and dazzling white tires? A sure success for an entertaining, fun celebration. The driver arrives dressed in clothing from the era and some vintage tunes to match.

You can also select one of the long modern limousines from classic brands such as Cadillac, Chrysler or Lincoln. We also have Ford Mustangs, Chevrolets, Bel Airs and Buicks to choose from. And if you have a special wish for your wedding car rental, just ask - it's unlikely that we'll be unable to satisfy your request. At DRIVESHARE you’ll be guaranteed the perfect American car.

The best way to celebrate your wedding in California

Surprise your guests by arranging to have a classic wedding car waiting for you when you leave the church or town hall. It’s undoubtedly a glamorous touch that your guests will appreciate and inspire them to go crazy with photos. Not to mention that it's unforgettably romantic and touching to watch the newly married couple drive off slowly in a beautifully decorated classic car whilst waving to their guests.

California classic wedding car rental will surely be a highlight to look back at for years to come. It sets the stage for a relaxing period in between events where you raise a toast to your new life together, reclining in the luxury of your glamorous car whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Champagne - the finishing touch

Some drivers offer champagne or sparkling wine as part of their service, while others ask you to bring this yourself. No matter what, you should certainly not miss the opportunity to unite this romantic moment with a glass of bubbly.

Planning your wedding drive in California

Just kick back and relax on your sofa at home and plan everything for your wedding drive in California. Take a look at the wide range of cars available for California classic wedding car rental. You can get a quote in seconds for your dream car simply by filling out a few fields – it's no more complicated than that. You’ll then be guided through the rest of the quick and easy booking process to rent a classic car in California.

If you’re looking for wedding car elsewhere, look no further. DRIVESHARE provide vintage and classic cars all over country. Simply select a different region from the options available on our main page.

Get a great price on your California classic wedding car rental right away

You can immediately calculate the price of any wedding car you choose on the DRIVESHARE site. You just have to enter a few bits of vital information and choose the car you think will be suitable for your wedding drive in California.

You'll find expert guidance on our homepage based on years of experience with vintage car rental. We're here to help you find the most stylish and exclusive car you can possibly imagine. But don’t spend too long choosing - classic cars are very popular vehicles for weddings and other festivities and are in high demand.

Don’t be afraid to ask us about these conditions or other details. We have extensive experience in wedding driving and can provide a lot of helpful and informative advice to help you to rent a classic car in California.

Click through our range of cars for California classic wedding car rental. It’s a sure way to make your wedding a unique experience.

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Wedding driving in California makes for beautiful pictures
It's very popular to use the wedding car as a backdrop for wedding pictures. Many photographers recommend taking pictures of the bridal bouquet and rings in front of the elegant contours of the wedding car. It simply doesn't get any more romantic than that. The wedding car plays a central role in the wedding celebrations, and both the wedding car and drive underpin the theme you have chosen for your wedding in California.

There's no doubt that you'll appreciate these beautiful pictures taken on an unforgettable day and enjoy them for many years to come. It's therefore important to choose the right car, not just for the wedding drive, but also for the sake of your photo album.

There are scores of opportunities for wonderful wedding photos in California. Just picture the beautifully preserved historic architecture of California and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. Scenes like this are guaranteed to provide the ideal backdrop for memorable photos of the beautiful bridal couple and wedding car.

Explore our range of vehicles for California classic wedding car rental
When it comes to California wedding car rental, DRIVESHARE offers anything from Rolls-Royce, Chevrolet and Jaguar to American limousines or vintage cars. With a comprehensive range of cars of all shapes and sizes, there’s something on offer for every taste and style.
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