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Rent the best classic cars in Austin easily with DRIVESHARE. Book and drive vintage vehicles from trusted car collectors and garages in Texas today!

Make your Austin adventure sing

Austin is the fourth largest city in Texas and growing, as people flock to Texas’ cultural oasis to be part of the thriving arts community and dine on smoky barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine — not to mention a visit to auto-sports attractions like the city’s Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix track. For more travel tips, peep our Austin Travel Guide. Need a cool car to cruise through Hill Country or down the city’s famed Sixth Street? Check out DRIVESHARE's most popular cars available for rent in Austin, listed below. 

Rent a classic car in Austin

We all remember that first car we fell in love with, that vintage Ford Mustang in your favourite movie or the 80's Chevy Bel'Air from your daydream cruising through Route 66.  Classic car rental from DRIVESHARE gives you the opportunity to make your dreams come true and after all, dreams are better in real life!

Our rental options in Austin give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a classic car experience like no other. Whether you are looking for the perfect motor to take you to your wedding, or you are interested in a self-drive rental,  we give you the chance to see Austin in style. Our collection of photoshoot and movie car rentals is available for your next production, shoot or movie.

We have many incredible, iconic classic cars so take a look at our collection of classic car rental Austin and get ready to love the journey.

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