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Joey Neugart

Joey Neugart



1966 Fiat 600D
Austin, TX
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Hi I'm Joey. I love old things - including cars. I grew up around classic cars as my father would take them apart and rebuild them (and then take them apart again) in our garage. After brief ownership by the original purchaser, Blue Baby was acquired and held by a vintage car collector for about 25 years. I've owned Blue Baby for 15 years and have lovingly partially restored it in phases and love sharing the car with other people. A machine this beautiful deserves to be on the road.


Suzannah Sitterle
Fantastic ride! The Fiat was completely as advertised and Joey was very hospitable. We would love to call that car our own, but the next best option is to rent it. We hope we can enjoy this ride again one day.
Jan 14, 2022
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