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George Adeff

George Adeff


2012 Chevrolet Corvette
Los Angeles, CA
per day
*Honeywell Engineering Fellow - Retired; If your car has a turbo I probably designed or developed or did the OEM application work (or maybe all 3).
*College/High School Soccer Referee.
*Retired from SCCA and IMSA racing 45 years ago; keep my hand in by cruising Willow, Angeles Crest, The Snake, etc.


Curt  Petersen
I rented George’s beautiful Corvette for 9 days. PRO’s = mucho power with a six speed manual made for very thrilling moments. Exhaust notes were possibly the best part. Never once listened to the stereo. Drive up Coast Highway was a true life, bucket list testosterone day. By myself, the views between San Simion and Big Sur were outstanding AND, I had an EMPTY ROAD! No motorhomes, no trucks, no construction. CONS= CA 92 octane at $5+ a gallon (not the cars fault), and the soft top had an issue going up the last two days. Thanks George for letting me enjoy your beast!
Oct 22, 2021
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