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Elyse Arnel

Boca Raton
As a child my grandfather ( a New York City cab driver) would allow me to sit next to him to take the wheel and step on the gas peddle. Upon obtaining my legal license, my first car was a used 1973 Fiat X-19. So much fun. It lived up to it reputation Fix It Again Tony. Engine failure was the last straw, I sold it. My next ride stole my heart without me knowing it. A new 1983 RX-7 GSL. She's still with me. In 2019, I replaced the 12a to a 13b, Holley carburetor, Racing Beat headers plus other performance upgrades. Over the years along side the Rx-7 was a 2004 Miata MX5 turbo, 2006 Jeep Wrangler 4 door, 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe.
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