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Ryan Foss

Ryan Foss

I am a Producer / Director working with MotorTrend and Hagerty to produce a car enthusiast travel show for the MotorTrend On Demand Streaming Network. We are reserving DriveShare Vehicles for our host to drive in 6 cities across America. Each DriveShare Vehicle rented will be driven through local picturesque roads on the way to recommended restaurants and destinations. The purpose of using DriveShare is to show our audience how they can rent a classic car and create their own adventure.


Allen Funderburk
What a pleasure to have my '66 Mustang Fastback 2+2 chosen for the Upcoming Morortrend TV episode featuring Hagerty's Driveshare Prigram. Ryan and Justin were hands down the best individuals to care for my car and use as they needed for their production. They understand classic cars and know how to deal with them when things happen. They expressed how well the Fastback drove and how many people constantly came up to inquire about it and to say how nice it was. Thanks you for everything in making this very positive experience happen. I look forward to sharing my Fastback to others wanting to reflect back to the good ole days of when muscle cars first started to exist.
Aug 30, 2020
Russ Rodriguez
Ryan was a pleasure to work with. Every step of the way he kept me posted as to what he was doing and even shared pics of their experience. I know the car performed as expected and Ryan got what he was looking for. I would love to help him anytime he's in town!
Oct 5, 2020
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