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Phil Mol

Phil Mol

I've always loved cars. As the youngest of five, I had plenty of brothers who would drive around and I would always pay attention to driving techniques, for better or worse. I pretty much had driving a manual transmission figured out just from watching the bus driver every day, running through the gears after every stop. The only thing that messed me up was overcoming the instinct to take my foot off the gas to simulate the engine slowing down like it sounded on the bus (not realizing it was the load on the engine - hey, I was 12).

Anyway, I have no brand loyalties (I have at least one of each of the big three), no style preferences (from a 2 seater convertible to an old army truck), no fuel restrictions (plenty of gas stuff, but I actually drive an Olds 5.7 diesel occasionally!) and an admiration for both stock and modified (a nice and stock '72 300SEL sits near a fiberglass T-Bucket). All of my stuff is low dollar cars that interest my wife or me. I suppose if I sold off everything I could buy one really fancy concourse car but that just wasn't in the cards evidently.

My son also enjoys cars. Despite his handicap eliminating his ability to drive a stick or walk easily he still cruises the dunes looking for hapless folks to tug them out with the army truck. I might as well give him a plug here... He just - totally unannounced - purchased a brand new two post lift for me; it wasn't even my birthday! Yeah, my friends are jealous.

Anyway, I really hope the DriveShare concept works well, as this may just be what is needed to help the younger generation get the bug for owning a bit of our automotive history.

I'll close by saying that all of us in the old car hobby enjoy driving different things to different destinations, but at the end of it all, our preferred destination is eternal life in heaven, and that is only achieved through the belief in Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading,



Jared White
Awesome, happy, honest guy!
Jan 22, 2020
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