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Andrew McElmurray


Dale Torok
It was a pleasure finally meeting Andrew and his dad when they came to pick up the '56 Thunderbird. As he said in his review, he arranged to rent it a year ago and had to cancel becuase of an illness in the family. He stayed in contact with me assuring me he really did want to rent the Thunderbird and I loved the reason he wanted to rent it. He didn't want the car for himself, he wanted to rent the car so that his dad could have the experience of driving a classic convertible from the 50's for a weekend. And that's what happened. When they returned the car I got to see so many pictures of his dad with his brothers and sisters, whose homes he visited to take them for rides in the Thunderbird. They took so many pictures that Andrew said they were going to have to make a photo album of all the photos they took of family members in and around the car. I was glad to see that the car brought them both so much happiness! You're welcome Andrew and thank YOU for renting it. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your dad. Dale
Jul 12, 2021
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