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Todd Bacon
This red Volkswagen convertible beetle experience was full of life time of memories for my daughter, wife and myself. The super clean and well maintain car was such a joy to ride around for a few days. We traveled to our daughter’s softball game, got some ice cream and just had so much fun driving around with a few friends. The owner of the car Ted is a wonderful person from whom to rent. He made it nice and fun. I grew up in a large family and we had dozens of motorcycles, snowmobile cars and dune buggies of every type you can think of. I am an engineer that works a lot and just wanted my daughter and family to feel some of the wonderful experiences that I had growing up. Renting from Ted helped to make that happen. I loved renting this red Volkswagen convertible beetle and my family cannot stop talking about it. It was fun fun fun. I recommend when renting that you consider this. Many old cars have a manual transmission, the person that rents a car like this does want to make sure that you as a renter has the special knowledge of how to treat a wonderful old machine like this. You as the renter must want to take extra special care of the car, drive slowly and be aware of everything around you, just as if you were driving a motorcycle. You as the renter must want to bring the car back to the owner in excellent shape with no issues to explain. So have the utmost respect for the cars you rent and remember that these old cars are very special part of our history and they mean a lot to us all. Thank you Todd Bacon
Jul 26, 2020
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