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Davis Breidenbach

Davis Breidenbach

Northlake, TX, USA
Hello. I do chauffeured rides only on Saturdays and Sundays. Text me at 325-260-9478 to talk directly to m


1956 Chevrolet 210
Northlake, TX
per day
My dad bought a 1956 Chevy that looked identical to this one in 1970. That car is still in the family. I bought this one because it looks like ours did when it was new.


William Brady
Davis arrived on time with is eye popping 1956 Chevy. The car was clean and shining for everyone to see. It was a hit with everyone at the wedding and especially the Bride & Groom. Davis was very professional and was willing to talk to everyone that had questions about the car. I would recommend to all classic car enthusiasts to use this service.
Oct 11, 2020
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