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Ruben Aguilar

Ruben Aguilar


1936 Ford Model 68
Lincoln, CA
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I am a disabled retired Army veteran and also served in the Government and I retired after 18 years of service. I love riding my 2009 Harley Davidson and classic cars and love talking and meeting new people. I am married to a beautiful wife and have a small Shitzu that is always hanging out with me due to my PTSD. I love America and hate anyone who talks bad about our country.


Jessica Estes
I had been searching for a car to rent to drive the bride and groom to their destination after their wedding and I found Rueben's 1936 Ford Model 68. From the beggining he was so kind and went above and beyond trying to collect details about what the bride and groom liked. He even went to the venue and did a practice run. Rueben showed up early at the wedding and the car was fully detalied ( it looked beautiful)! He stayed at the event and mingled with everyone, he is such a nice, caring man! He even went as far as getting the bride and groom custom champange flutes that he set up in the car! Rueben was also great at communicating and I was able to get ahold of him on multiple occasions to discuss details.I couldn't have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend Rueben's services. We will all stay friends with Rueben as he is a wonderful person! Feel free to contact me for personal photos of the car at the venue
Feb 27, 2021
lisa pelletti
This was a terrific experience, so much fun! Ruben was great to work with. I whole heartedly recommend Ruben and his beautiful car!
Feb 22, 2021
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