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Oliver Holler

Oliver Holler

Myrtle Beach, SC
DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.


1982 Delorean DMC-12 Back to the Future Time Machine
Myrtle Beach, SC
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Back to the Future was the #1 movie of 1985.
It led to two sequels, a comic book and cartoon series, theme park rides, countless toys, games, and other merchandise.
In 2023 it hit Broadway, with Back to the Future, The Musical, already an award winning success in the U.K.
What is not to like?????

In 1985 I was the age of Marty McFly and the the DeLorean time machine made quite an impression; it is arguably a starring character in the story.
I knew it would be the most wonderful car to drive.

In 2000, a doctor told me I had 6 months to live.
My wife asked what I wanted to do and I said, build a DeLorean time machine.
She said, Let's do it!
And we did.
There are books and documentaries that include Oliver and Terry Holler’s ongoing fairytale story, but Bob Gale (creator, writer and producer of Back to the Future) may have summed it up best by saying:
(Quote) I think building the time machine may have saved Oliver’s life.
Driven by Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown himself!), this vehicle has a stunning effect.
Perfect to dominate any trade show or event where a major spectacle is required to draw everyone’s undivided attention.

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