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Karen Meyer


Jason Brown
Well, this rental wasn't how I would have wanted things to go, and that's no fault of Karen. Karen and her husband were very communicative and were wonderful to work with. The car, however, didn't behave itself. After Karen and her husband had their adventures for the day with the car, the alternator decided that it didn't want to work anymore and left them stranded in a residential area in Edina. They largely took it in stride, and between DriveShare's roadside assistance and Lyft programs, Karen and her husband were taken care of getting back to their car, and I got the car back home with very little hassle. All in all, I would definitely rent to Karen again. They took fine care of the car, and enjoyed the time they had with it before the mechanical issue.
Sep 29, 2021
Jason Brown
Take two! I was very happy to hear from Karen and Chad again after last year's experience with the alternator giving out during their rental. I was so glad that the car behaved itself and that Chad had a good time today. Thanks so much, again, for your rental, and that things worked out today! Hope to work with Karen and Chad again in the future!
Oct 3, 2022
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