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Steve Friedman

Steve Friedman

Mission Viejo


1967 Buick Skylark
Mission Viejo, CA
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I bought this car when I was 15, so clearly I am still a good driver ;o)

I have been slowly upgrading this car over the 40 years I have owned it, several years back my sons and I bought a crashed 2013 SS Camaro with the Corvette engine package in it for $5,100. The Camaro was shot up from a gunfight in Vegas wit the police. We took the engine and transmission and sold every part of the donor car we didn't want on craigslist and E Bay. We sold $4,800 in parts which means we got the $15,000-$20,000 engine package for $300. ;o) It took 7 month of evenings and weekends to build this one of a kind car.

Early this year 2022 given she is 420HP when called upon "Christine" as my wife calls her got a Wildwood performance brake package upgrade.

Needless to say she looks old on the outside but performs and drives better than most modern cars. And is super reliable. Unless I told you you would never know it is a bit of a quiet but fast Frankenstein.

You will never have as may eyes on you then when your cruising in this one of a kind Buick, AKA "WIZENBY" as her plates read.

Cheers Steve
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