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Tony Norton


1972 Chevrolet Chevelle
Wake Forest, NC
per day
I have loved this style of car since my teens. I had a neighbor, and their daughter was dating a guy that had one and I thought it was the nicest looking car I had ever seen. Well, I am way past my teens and can finally afford to chase the car of my dreams. I bought this car in November of 2021. I found it in Michigan and the problem was I live in North Carolina. I liked the pics and description enough to buy a one-way ticket to Michigan to look at it. I left NC at 12noon on a Thursday and arrived in Chicago to catch a commuter flight to a small airport northwest of Chicago at 6pm. I checked the car over and loved it, bought it, and was on the road home by 8:30pm as it was starting to snow. I drove back thru Chicago and into Ohio before the snow tapered off and was smooth sailing from there. Approximately 835 miles later at 2:30pm on Friday, after stopping in West Virginia for a 3-hour nap I arrived home with my new car. I have since upgraded the 307 engine to a 454, the tranny from the 350 to a 700r-4 that was built to handle 750hp with overdrive and traded the stock rear end for a 12 bolt with 3.73 gears to make it a driver. I also installed a vintage looking radio with Bluetooth and a nice sound system. This was a non-air car coming from Michigan so we put in a Vintage-Air system that was installed in the dash to look factory fitted. We changed the brake system from drum to disc front and rear as well as putting 17 inch Cragar's on it.
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