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Victor Albert

Victor Albert

Long-time Ferrari enthusiast. I grew up in the era of 1978/80/84 Magnum PI in his 308GTS, Miami Vice's Testarossa and who could forget the parking lot attendants riotous drive in the 1963 Modena Spyder California in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If there's a book about Ferrari's, I either have read it, own it or want it!

My affections were only from an afar until the past few years. Thanks to the Dream Racing Team in Las Vegas and the The Motorsport Lab - Ferrari Agility Experience in Portland, I've been able to live a little. Through both courses and the kindness of other Ferrari fans I've been able to drive the 250, 308, 348, F355, 360, F430 & the 458. All of them are AMAZING!

I finally have my own prancing pony, a 2000 360 F1. This care is immaculately detailed after every drive and meticulously maintained with help from Dick Guthrie of ATD.

Now, I'm willing to share this experience with other Northwest's Ferrari enthusiasts. Check back for other cars soon!
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