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Nelly Jenkins

San Diego, CA


Tiffany Thater
The bronco was so beautiful and drove so well! incredibly easy pick up and drop off with the nicest owner! definitely recommending to friends.
Apr 18, 2022
Dani Peterson
We rented the Bronco for a day for our courthouse wedding and it was amazing! It drove great and it is the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen! The owner even gave us the gas for free as a wedding present! She was so sweet and friendly! It was a great experience!!
Jun 6, 2022
Lauren Plum
AMAZING! This truck is absolutely stunning. We drove it out to the desert for our engagement shoot and let’s just say our photos will be EPIC. Everywhere we drove we got stared at, complimented and we’re center of attention. The truck really is draw dropping! Please note this is Vintage and does not have AC. Plan for a cool day to drive this beauty around otherwise it won’t be a comfortable ride. We didn’t time it right on going to the desert and it was 116 degrees where we drove, I wish we thought that through better because we didn’t get to properly enjoy the drive due to being so uncomfortable in the heat. So please take advantage of the San Diego weather in this baby or don’t go to the desert until it cools down LOL. Nelly was also very nice and helpful. here are some iphone photos but will send Nelly the real finished product when we get our photos back.
Sep 27, 2022
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